Best Bond Rates For Investment To Offset Imminent Rising Interest Rates


Interest rates for bonds are set to spike enormously after they hit historical lows in 2015. This is an expected occurrence because the growth in our economy is set to bring forth a level of inflation. Typically, the Federal Reserve initiates interest-rate hikes in fear of inflation. The best way to prepare for this interest-hike is not to start practicing aggressive investing, but to invest in bonds with better-adjusted rates. If you are an investor looking for funds with the best bond rates in a rising interest economy, here are a few to consider.

Vanguard Total Bond Market Index

Vanguard Total Bond Market Index is currently the biggest bond fund in the world. It is low-cost, passively managed and heavily diversified. Its diversity gives it a measure of safety from interest-rate risk that you will not find in long-term bonds or short maturities. However, it comes with certain shortcomings. The Vanguard Total Bond Market Index is a passively managed bond as opposed to an actively managed one. Passively managed bonds can not shift holdings to take advantage of trends. They can only track an index. They do offer the cheapest rate available at 0.2% for every $20,000 invested. Therefore, your decision to choose Vanguard will have to depend on whether or not their style of investment is important to you. No matter your decision, there is no doubt Vanguard provides one of the best bond rates available today.

Dodge & Cox Income

Dodge & Cox Income’s portfolio consists mainly of short-term treasuries and government guaranteed mortgages. Both are ideal to start investing in because short-term treasuries typically hold up very well in interest-risen environments. In addition, government guaranteed mortgages are even less volatile than treasuries. They have acceptable yield at 3.1% and an expense ratio of 0.43%. Dodge & Cox Income is a very reliable choice because they have shown steady growth despite the rise in interest rates. This is owed to their excellent bond rates. Give them a long look as one of the best funds to invest in.

T. Rowe Price Floating Rate Fund

T. Rowe Price Floating Rate Fund is another bond fund that has performed well in the midst of rising interest rates. This is owed mainly due to their status as a floating-rate bond. Floating-rate bonds adjust constantly according to a benchmark, such as the U.S. Treasury bill rate. Because of this, they are actually prone to appreciate in value during a rise in interest rates. Though in exchange, they are also prone to depreciating tremendously in a low-interest rate environment. Interest rates are set to rise in the coming year. Now would be the time to consider a floating-rate bond like T. Rowe one of the best bond rates available.

Fidelity Total Bond (FTBFX)

Fidelity Total Bond offers a 2.9% yield, which is a definite factor for consideration. This medium-maturity fund holds corporate debt, bank loans, mortgage backed securities and foreign bonds. These foreign bonds, it is important to note, are hedged against USD strengthening. FTBFX managers have  big picture focus, primarily economy outlook and interest rate to help them choose the right securities. If you want a diversified, medium maturity fund as your portfolio core, which you should, consider Fidelity Total Bond.

Fidelity Floating Rate High Income

Fidelity, like T. Rowe, is a floating rate fund. This means you can expect the same heightened value. They also have a few more features in terms of bond protection, such as an emphasis on shorter-date maturities, like Icahn holdings. They usually deal in holdings between 3 and 7 years and have built-in systems that adjust these holdings to changes in interest rates. Their best feature however, is the option to have the coupon reset every 90 days according to how interest rates are behaving. You are trading interest rate risk for credit risk in this case. However, this would be an appropriate move in an interest-risen economy. Consider this when choosing Fidelity Floating Rate High Income.

It is important to stay aware of rising interest rates as they can have a tremendous effect on the value of your bond fund holdings. With an interest rate hike imminent, it is highly recommended that you do research on new bond funds that are better-suited for this economy. Consider the funds listed in this post and you will have an easier time choosing one with the best bond rates.

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