5 Best Enterprise Ecommerce Strategies For Increased Traffic

There are several best enterprise ecommerce strategies for increased traffic. Enterprise marketing strategies aim to retain an existing consumer base while pursuing internal and external expansion. Marketing campaigns utilize employees, such as product developers or shareholders, to identify areas that need growth. As a chief marketing officer, scale-up your marketing strategy for future financial success. Follow below for the best enterprise ecommerce strategies for increased traffic.

Optimize Your Ecommerce Website For SEO

Optimize your ecommerce website for SEO as a strategy to increase traffic. Create multiple landing pages for your business as investments in enterprise-level SEO compound over time. Certainly, ensure that all key pages are indexed by Google. This can increase traffic as about 46% of all product searches start with Google. In fact, you can utilize a great cheap website hosting service to save money and improve your customer’s experience. Furthermore, you can build a logical website architecture that is three clicks deep. This means your customers have to visit multiple links to be brought to the product they want to buy. Additionally, optimize your website for easy consumer access. You can improve page load time, ensure all pages are mobile-friendly and that all links work. Surely, you should optimize your ecommerce website for SEO as a strategy to increase traffic.

User Generated Content Strategy

Increase traffic by implementing a user-generated content (UGC) strategy. Create a section on your ecommerce website that allows consumers to post product reviews. More than 64% of all consumers actively seek out peer-to-peer reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, request that users upload photos, videos and lengthy opinion posts about the products they buy. Surely, you can use a UGC subset such as influencer marketing. Your brand is advertised by the influencer and can show up in searches associated with the influencer. Additionally, businesses make $6.50 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. Certainly, implement a user-generated content strategy to increase traffic within your enterprise.

Conversion Optimization Strategy

Next, execute the conversion optimization strategy to increase traffic. This strategy uses conversion rate optimization (CRO). It determines the number of visitors converted per hundred visitors. There are three main optimization tools of CRO to increase website traffic. Personalize the recommendation engine by suggesting products to visitors based on their past purchases and browsing history. In fact, you can also increase your click-through rate (CTR) by implementing email marketing report metrics into your platform. Additionally, improve cart abandonment by implementing a software that sends an email reminder to shoppers who left the site without completing a purchase. Furthermore, perfect lead generation by guiding shoppers through the conversion funnel via pop-ups, opt-in forms and social proof alerts. Definitely utilize the conversion optimization strategy to expand business traffic.

Build Loyalty Program

Another top enterprise ecommerce strategy for increased traffic is to build a loyalty program. Encourage customer loyalty by offering exclusive coupons, vouchers and rewards. Run a successful program by creating criteria for the exclusive rewards and implementing a redemption process. Typically, rewards are given in exchange for purchasing a product. However, you can give offers to those who leave product reviews, invite potential customers or create an account with your business. Certainly, set up a system that allows customers to redeem their rewards simply. Additionally, confirm how long customers are allowed to use their rewards to purchase a product. Definitely build a loyalty program to grow your traffic levels.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, utilize social media marketing as a strategy to gain traffic. Create accounts across social media platforms to showcase your company, products and mission. Typically, ecommerce businesses use Instagram or Facebook as they allow you to post sharp product images and lengthy captions. Advance your account even further by creating shoppable posts. Many platforms now allow their users to post content that enables visitors to buy products instantly. Enable buying through strategically placed display ads within a post with additional tags that relocate visitors directly to a check out page. This simplifies the buying process and encourages users to buy products that are promoted on social media. In fact, you can use one of the top social marketing site tools such as link sharing to improve ROI. Definitely market your business on social media to increase traffic.

There are several top enterprise ecommerce strategies for increased traffic. Optimize your ecommerce website for SEO for higher traffic amounts. Additionally, implement a user-generated content strategy to attract more buyers through peer-to-peer reviews. Use the conversion optimization strategy to turn website visitors into continued customers. Furthermore, build a loyalty program by offering rewards for a product purchase of product review to increase traffic. Finally, gain traffic by utilizing social media marketing. These are the top enterprise ecommerce strategies for increased traffic.

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