5 Best Lumbar Pillows For Chairs To Relieve Employee Back Pain

There are several best lumbar pillows for chairs to relieve employee back pain. Many desk workers leave the office each day with an aching lower back. As an office manager, you can improve your employees’ comfort with a lumbar pillow. This is an important upgrade to make your office more productive, as employees can work more comfortably and quickly without back pain. There are many different office chair cushions on the market to support good posture, proper circulation, and prevent muscle fatigue. Read on to discover the best lumbar pillows for chairs to relieve employee back pain.

Everlasting Memory Foam Cushion

An everlasting memory foam cushion provides firm support to relieve your employee’s lower back pain. Its thick memory foam design stabilizes your spine to reduce slouching. With proper posture, employees are more alert and awake throughout the day. Furthermore, they can adjust cushion straps to position the pillow at the ideal location on the lower lumbar. Since everyone has different chairs, heights and body types, the adjustable memory foam support works for the whole team. To alleviate lower back pain in the office, everlasting memory foam cushions are of of the best solutions available.

Orthopedic Lumbar Roll

An orthopedic lumbar roll provides lumbar support for employees on the go. Of course, the roll shape gives these cushions much smaller dimensions than standard flat back cushions, making them easy to carry. With a round shape and firm density, they can provide support to your coworking space colleagues. Designed by orthopedic professionals, this cushion sits along the curve of your lower spine to keep you upright. This way, your staff can easily reduce back pain wherever they are throughout the day. Orthopedic lumbar rolls provide superior support for employees on the go.

Bulwark Backrest

In addition, the bulwark backrest is known for its high-quality hip support in office settings. This cushion has a wave shape design with an open notch on the bottom to facilitate healthy posture. Typically, these lumbar pillows are made of 70D high-density memory foam for optimal spine compression between the hips. This type of foam can respond to users’ micro adjustments to maintain optimal support. In addition, these pillows come with a strap to secure it to your seat and maintain comfort. Certainly, this backrest works to correct your employees’ posture so they can work more comfortably throughout the day.

Mesh Back Cushion

Next, employees working in warm environments will benefit from a mesh back cushion to relieve back pain. With breathable mesh fabric, employees don’t have to worry about back sweat on their executive office chairs. This is ideal if your staff is working in an environment without air conditioning in the summer or where the heater makes winters balmy. These support structures place the spine in the optimal position to relieve and prevent pain. Moreover, some are equipped with a beaded center panel for a slight massage upon movement. Because the beads are aerodynamic, your staff can still have a ventilated support mechanism. Mesh back cushions are a great option to relieve back pain, especially in warmer office climates.

Inflatable Lumbar Pillow

Furthermore, an inflatable lumbar pillow is another versatile lightweight option for staff members seeking fatigue relief. Everyone’s natural spine curvature is slightly different. As a result, your employees may need a customizable support. With this inflatable pillow, your desk workers can fill it with 1.5 to 3 inches of air. According to professional chiropractors, introducing a support to someone who hasn’t had one for years can actually cause an injury. Therefore, employees in more intense pain or who don’t have a natural lumbar curve benefit from gradual, custom support implementation with an inflatable lumbar pillow.

There are several best lumbar pillows for chairs to relieve employee back pain. For example, everlasting memory foam cushions provide durable, sustainable lower back support. Orthopedic lumbar rolls are a portable, versatile option for employees on the go. In addition, bulwark backrests offer superior hip support. Certainly, a mesh back cushion is optimal for employees in warmer working environments. Furthermore, an inflatable lumbar pillow is a great option for employees who have never had a supportable chair back. Follow these points for the best lumbar pillows for chairs to relieve employee back pain.

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