How The Best Time Card Apps Software Are Saving Business Owners Money

Time card apps are excellent tools to improve time management for business owners and their teams. As a business owner, you know the importance of timesheets for employee scheduling and calculating payroll. In recent years, mobile time cards apps are eliminating the need for paper timesheets. These apps are extremely easy to use, often data can simply be transferred from current Excel timesheet templates. Apps allow employees to clock in, check their schedule, and communicate with their coworkers. Even better, the best apps even save you money. If you are interested, continue reading to learn how the best time card apps software are saving business owners money.

Prevents Over-scheduling

Implementing time card apps prevents over scheduling. Paper timesheets make it difficult to visualize the employees and resources needed to complete operations. Timesheet mobile apps recommend the ideal number of employees based on your previous projects. For example, if you needed ten employees to effectively complete a project a month ago, it is fair to assume it will take the same resources to complete a similar upcoming project. This ensures you are only paying wages to employees who are vital to completing projects.

Mobile Time Tracking

Apps allow your employees mobile time tracking. Mobile tracking reduces estimation for your employees. Even from remote locations, employees can begin recording billable hours within apps. Whereas with paper timesheets, employees have to estimate what time they began starting projects. In most cases, the estimation employees provide is in their favor. In other words, constantly allowing employees to dictate and assume the hours they worked will lose you money. Implement mobile time tracking apps to reduce estimation and save your business money.

Verify Submitted Hours

Time card apps ensure you are always able to verify employees’ submitted hours. Prior to the end of each payment period, you will receive a report of each employees’ total hours. Guarantee the hours listed are accurate with the employees work. If employees conduct remote operations, make sure to check GPS location as well. This assures employees are unable to misrepresent their billable hours. This saves you money by making certain you only pay employees for working hours. Utilize mobile apps to verify submitted hours prior to each pay period.

Productivity Tracking

Mobile apps track employee productivity. Apps produce weekly reports to notify you of completed tasks. These reports can be separated to see the tasks completed by individual employees. When employee performance is down, analyze their hours to see if you can find a reason why. Are employees arriving to work late, taking days off, or leaving early? If not, speak with them to understand why their individual performance has slowed down. This makes certain that employees are constantly as productive as possible while being paid. In doing so, they frequently accomplish more, saving you money. Utilize productivity tracking features within timesheet apps for employees to help save your business money.

Employee Tracking

Mobile time apps offer employee tracking features. Most commonly, apps implement GPS-enabled employee tracking software. Within these, is a ‘geofence’ virtual boundary. If an employee exits these boundaries, you immediately receive a notification. In addition to this, mobile apps also assist in expense tracking. If you reimburse employees for lunch, mileage, or gas, you likely receive expense reports from these individual employees. When your employee spends money for a purchase to be reimbursed, they can immediately enter the purchase details and scan their receipt. The best mobile apps assist in employee tracking.

Time card apps are essential tools to help business owners track hours and calculate earnings. When utilized correctly, the best apps save business owners money. Apps prevent you from over-scheduling employees. They allow you to utilize mobile time tracking features. With mobile apps, you can verify submitted hours. Moreover, you can track employee productivity. Furthermore, utilize time card apps for employee location and expense tracking. To learn how the best time card apps software are saving business owners money, consider the points mentioned above.

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