5 Proven Tactics For Building Your Marketing Email List

Marketing professionals are looking for the best ways to build their email lists. Successful email marketing strategy helps you engage with current and prospective customers. This is achieved through tactical lead-generation campaigns. These emails help sell readers on your company’s product or service. Email marketing is a way for businesses to appeal directly to the target audience. Because of this, it can be very profitable when implemented correctly. The first step in creating a successful email marketing campaign is building an email list. Once you do, you can begin launching your campaign and following email list management practices. If you are interested in building your marketing email list, consider the five proven tactics listed below.

Personalized Call-To-Action

One tactic for building your marketing email list is to include personalized calls to action on your blog and landing page. Personalized calls to action have a 42% higher view-to-submission rate than those that are the same for every site visitor. This nearly doubles the number of potential subscribers. When people visit your site, they are looking for a specific product or service. Build upon this momentum with a call to action that suits those unique needs. For example, if your most popular blog posts is about event planning, include a call to action that says something that references event venues. If your content is related to your visitors’ needs, your email newsletter will feel helpful and valuable to readers. Use a personalized call to action to build your marketing email list.

Use Facebook Ads

You can also use Facebook Ads to build your digital marketing email list. Facebook has several intuitive tools that help businesses deploy successful ad campaigns. Upload your existing customer list to create a Custom Audience for your ads. Be sure that your list contains several identifiers. Identifiers are information such as emails, phone numbers and addresses of existing customers. Facebook will then match your Ad campaigns with users whose data matches the customer base you already have. You can also use Facebook Ads to connect you to a Lookalike Audience. This method also connects you with people who are more interested in your business because they are similar to your existing customers. Use the intuitive Facebook Ads system to find more emails for your marketing campaigns.

Leverage Social Media

Another tactic for building your marketing email list is to leverage your social media. Entice potential customers by slowly revealing content on your social media page. Offer more information to readers who enter their email address on your landing page. Your LinkedIn network can also be used to build your marketing email list. Use LinkedIn email as a supplement to your existing email list. When you do this, LinkedIn essentially sends emails on your behalf. This ensures a 100% delivery rate to your target audience. The platform can also be used to encourage users to sign up for your individual list. Social media is a powerful tool for building your marketing email list.

Collect Info Offline

You can also collect information offline to build your marketing email list. Industry conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs are all excellent places to build your email list. Any event that your business attends is an opportunity to acquire new emails. Get people to jot down an email address on a clipboard at your table and add it to your marketing email list when the conference is over. You can even send an event-specific email blast thanking all of your new contacts. Collecting information allows you to connect face-to-face with your target audience. Collecting information offline is another tactic to use to build your email list.

Utilize Codes

Lastly, you can build your marketing email list by using short codes to make Opt-In easier. People often instinctively click away from pop-ups and advertisements while browsing. Use short codes to meet site visitors where they are to entice them to opt in. Strategically place short codes in the widgets and sidebar of your blog and landing pages. This gives visitors numerous easy opportunities to subscribe. You can also add QR codes to your printed marketing material. Potential customers can scan these codes with their mobile device to subscribe to your list immediately. Using codes is another proven tactic for building your email list.

Building a reputable email list is an important aspect of digital marketing strategy. Personalize the links on your landing page with an enticing call-to-action. Use Facebook Ad’s Custom Audience tool to connect you to a similar customer base. Leverage your social media presence to encourage more sign-ups. Attend conferences and trade fairs to collect email information offline. Use QR and short codes to make the Opt-in process easier. If you want to develop your email marketing strategy, use the 5 proven tactics listed above.

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