Event Production Strategies To Improve Business Seminars Attendance


Business seminars are formal presentations that can help to educate and facilitate communication among attendees regarding a variety of industry related topics. As a marketing professional, it is your job to ensure attendance at these types of events. However, it can be much more difficult to draw in an audience for business seminars than for other events, especially if you do not market it correctly. If you are interested in learning more about how you can better plan your seminar to increase attendance, keep reading below.

Create Target Lists

The first tip you should follow to increase attendance at your business seminars is to create target lists. These are the people, groups and organizations that you believe would be most interested in your event. Compile a target list and use this to send out invitations and spread the word about the seminar. Using your online marketing certification, have your event go viral within these communities. By understanding your intended audience, you can cater the event to be more enticing to them.

Use Direct Mail Marketing

Once you have identified the target audience for your business seminar, you need to use direct mail marketing to get their attention. This is part of business seminar production best practices. There are several direct mail formats to consider. You can choose to send letters introducing yourself and your next business event. Or, you can choose to produce a multipage brochure that lists all of the business seminars you are hosting in the future. No matter which brochures design you choose, this is sure to improve attendance for business seminars that you hold in the future.

Timing Is Everything

Often, seminar hosts will be over-eager and may send out invitations far earlier than necessary. Invitations that go out 12 or even 20 weeks in advance may seem like a good idea, but in actuality they are just more likely to be forgotten. Your timing should include seasonal considerations like the flower market which operates primarily through the warmer months. A good rule of thumb is to increase the amount of time with the length of the seminar. If it is less than six hours, 3 or 4 weeks notice should be appropriate.

Track All Responses

Once you have sent out a list of invitations it is important to keep track of the responses you receive. Create a spreadsheet that lists the personal invitations and email blasts that were sent out. Then, as you receive feedback, input that information into the system. This will give you a better idea of who is coming and who isn’t, and it will even give you the opportunity to reach out to people who have not responded. This is a much more effective strategy than poorly targeted ad campaigns.

Define Your Focus

Another key tip for increasing attendance at your business seminars is to define your focus. It is important that the audience finds value in the information that you have to offer right from the get-go. If you are trying to attract business analysts, then an IBM business analytics presentation would be very useful. By honing in on what your professional presentation will contain, you are more likely to draw in people who are interested. Business seminars can be a beneficial learning experience for employees, individuals and organizations alike, but in order to make them see that you must define the focus.

Partner Up

Finally, another thing that you can do to encourage participation in your seminar is to partner up with other businesses, individuals and organizations. This is a key part of the event conversion funnel. The more people involved in hosting an event, the more attendees there will be. Consider joining together with other experts in the field to bring even more information to your audience. This will very likely double your attendance.

In order to host a successful business seminar, you need to draw in an audience. Sending out invitations in a timely manner, developing a DIY website, keeping track of RSVPs and even partnering up with other potential speakers and organizations are some of the best ways that marketing professionals can facilitate success at these types of events. If you want to draw people into your business seminars, be sure to follow the tips above.

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