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How To Create A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

Business professionals want to know the right way to create a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.¬†Starting a nonprofit organization is a great way for business owners to help those in need. These not for profit entities provide liability protections and tax advantages to businesses in the field. In order to experience these benefits, organizations must follow federal and state guidelines to establish a ... Read More »

Should You Use A Month-To-Month Landlord Lease Contract For Your Tenants?

One of the biggest decisions for landlords to make is whether you should provide your tenants with a monthly lease contract or not. In comparison, many landlord like yourself have traditionally favored longer-term agreements. While less popular with individual tenants, long-term lease contracts provide you more flexibility, stability, and allow you to update your rent price in accordance with market ... Read More »

How Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality Impacts Your Business

Technological advancements in virtual and augmented realty have greatly impact overall business procedures. As a business owner, you have likely experienced this yourself. From bendable smartphones to eco-friendly cars, it feels like nothing is impossible in the technology field. But there are still a couple of technologies available today, which can change how you view the world entirely. Augmented reality ... Read More »

5 Important Aspects Of The Patent Valuation Process

Innovation is essential if businesses want to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. An important aspect of innovation is monetizing ideas and protecting these ideas from competitors.¬†A patent protects the innovative ideas of inventors and business entities for a fixed period. In the U.S., most patents are valid for 20 years from the application filing date. Once acquired, a patent provides ... Read More »

How To Create A Company Culture That Is The Right Fit

As companies continue to grow, business owners need to implement a company culture that is the right fit. Appropriate company cultures improve employee motivation and can even boost office productivity. While company cultures are integral to successful objective completion and employee productivity, they can be difficult to implement. If you are interested in how to create a company culture that ... Read More »

Why Education Is The Sharpest Tool In Your Business Toolbox

There are many qualities that business professionals have. From critical thinking skills, to understanding how to manage time effectively, and proper communication, there is one thing that surpasses them all: an education. When it comes to preparing a future in business, the first thing on your mind should be what kind of education you are going to get and where ... Read More »

5 Aspects Of An Effective Joint Venture Contract

Laying out the terms of an agreement is an important first step in any joint venture contract. Imagine your venture is in real estate. If you were fixing up a property in the hopes of selling for a profit, you would need to state how things will be handled if the property fails to sell. You would also need to ... Read More »

5 Reasons To File Articles Of Incorporation For LLC Owners

The decision to convert a sole proprietorship into an LLC or corporation is a big step. In order to conduct business legally, an LLC or corporation must incorporate with the state. When filing to establish a business entity, entrepreneurs must file articles of incorporation, providing information about the business. Typically, this information is available to the public. As you are ... Read More »

4 Steps To Follow After Company Vehicle Accidents

A report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 60% of company vehicle incidents happen during an employee’s free time. Driving a company car is a privilege offered to loyal and top-notch employees. If you are lucky to enjoy this benefit, you don’t have to worry about automobile expenses. Employers take care of all vehicle expenses, from paying ... Read More »

Does Your Business Car Lease Meet Tax Deduction Requirements?

Business owners are constantly considering leasing business vehicles. In comparison to ownership, leasing allows you low monthly payments and the ability to frequently change vehicles. While this allows you to constantly stay up with new models and features, there are several other considerations you must evaluate before deciding to lease a vehicle. Most importantly, is being able to deduct leased ... Read More »

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