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Where to List Rental Properties Online For Free

There are many places to list rental properties online for free. The National Apartment Association states a 51% turnover rate in rental properties. As a result, landlords often try to fill their vacancies as quickly as possible to minimize their losses. By listing and advertising their rental properties online, landlords significantly increase their exposure to prospective tenants. As a landlord/property ... Read More »

How Are TV Viewing Figures Counted?

There are several key metrics that contribute to calculate TV ratings and viewing figures. Across the globe, TV ratings largely impact how television is produced, promoted, and monetized. As an executive in television industry, learning about how to calculate ratings effectively can make or break your success in the field. While it may seem complex, it is actually relatively easy ... Read More »

5 Best Self-Publishing Companies Types To Explore

Many of the best self-publishing companies come in several different types. Self-publishing books and other printed materials provides authors with 40-60% royalties annually when compared to traditional publishing. In fact, self-publishing rose to 40% of the market in 2018. As an author, choosing the right self-publisher for your specific needs offers valuable book production assistance and increased royalty profits. The ... Read More »

5 Wyoming Incorporation Requirements For New Businesses

There are several requirements to forming a new corporation in Wyoming. Compared to other states, WY has many advantages for companies. For example, the Cowboy State has no franchise tax fee, and no annual fee based on issued company shares. Additionally, they also waive a number of paperwork requirements for businesses compared to other states. Wyoming corporations are not required ... Read More »

Why Everyone Should Be Selling At Markets

In these days of Covid-19, every retailer is being forced to look at lowering costs and boosting revenue just to survive. Perhaps selling at markets, whether outdoor or indoor, is something you may not have thought about in the past, but now it’s something every business should consider. Here are just a few reasons it may be a great strategy ... Read More »

How To Negotiate Fair Franchise Agreement Terms

There are many ways to negotiate a fair franchise agreement. The ability to negotiate franchise agreement changes is determined by several factors including franchisor maturity, system size, and target markets. Additionally, your area’s brand visibility and the number of franchises you’ll be obtaining impact your negotiating ability as well. As an entrepreneur, the rationality of your requests affects a franchisor’s ... Read More »

Where to Find Boutique Clothing Wholesalers

There are many ways to find boutique clothing wholesalers. Since buying inventory to sell in a fashion boutique is often a significant investment, business owners tend to need a lot of information from their wholesalers. These wholesalers provide inventory at reduced costs, but often limit the negotiation and quality assurance powers of boutique owners. As a business owner, maximize your ... Read More »

3 Ways Businesses Can Get Their First Business Property Purchase Right

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Mentor Report, over half of entrepreneurs operate their business from home after it has been established. Another 30-50 percent of commercial space is occupied by small businesses, according to the Bank of America and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Whether you have decided to expand your business or want to explore the benefits of owning ... Read More »

How to Start A Hawaii LLC

When starting a Hawaii LLC, or limited liability company, there are several regulations to follow. Typically, LLCs are relatively affordable and easy to form. In fact, LLCs offer their owners legal protections by separating personal assets from their business debts. However, forming an LLC can be complicated depending on the laws of the state you’re located in. As a business ... Read More »

What To Look For In Product Invention Companies That Are Legit

There are many ways to spot product invention companies that are legit. These companies claim to evaluate inventions, research patents, and contact manufacturers for clients. However, several of these businesses have been investigated by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other government agencies. As an inventor looking to start a business, the US Patent Office estimates the country ... Read More »

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