6 Most Innovative Modern Web Design Trends To Expect In 2023

There are several top modern web design trends that should be expected in 2022. Web design is a field that develops constantly. There are different routes for designers to take that showcase creativity. Plus, following the latest trends helps web experts obtain a relationship with technology. As a web designer yourself, you need to follow the current trends to stand out in the industry. Whether you are creating a website or digital art, you should research and/or know the current design trends. This way, you can maximize your salary and earning potential. You may even be able to double household income. Read on for the top best modern web design trends that you should expect to see in 2022.

Retro Comeback

To start, pop culture from the 80s and 90s has returned to the field of web design. In web design, these decades have grown and become noticed. Memphis design takes inspiration from the 1980s with bright colors, odd shapes, and chaotic design. This creative design style adds personality and playfulness to your website. The 90s era offers a similar retro style to the 80s. Notably, there are bright colors, geometric shapes, funky fonts, as well as pixelated icons. With Memphis design and inspiration from the 1990s, you are using one of the top web design trends in your site or artwork.

3D Illustration

Next, 3D illustration has quickly become one of the most popular web design trends. Add in three-dimensional (3D) illustrations to your website to create depth and dimension. Some of these 3D elements include shadows, animation, and layer effects. Not only will these effects be portrayed on your website, but the 3D design will also extend to visual storytelling. One of the best ways to capture the story is through video representation. For this approach, it may help to hire a video production professional. While this may seem to be a harder element for some, incorporating three-dimensional illustrations will continue to grow as a web design trend.

Scrolling Interactions

Adding in an interactive scrolling feature is a high-priority trend. Engaging in interaction while a user is scrolling keeps the reader focused. Not only will scrolling interactions keep the viewer engaged, but they can also inspire conversions and purchases. Including these interactions gives the consumer a way to test out the product. With interactive scrolling, they can rotate the object and zoom in on details. Plus, readers have the ability to choose the size, model, and color. Incorporating an engaging interaction into your site enables consumers to customize and manage their own tastes.

Unique Typography

Next, Typography is an element that is rapidly evolving and is widely used by web designers. There are three different types of typography –Brutalist, Animation, and Kinetic. Brutalist Typography has a rugged style that sits in contrast to a more polished modern option.,Also, this style can be viewed as a reaction to lightness, optimism, and minimalism, which is found within current web design. Typography Animation and Kinetic Typography focus on moving text, which can highlight important segments. As web design grows each year, typography will be more than just a decoration to your site.

Smart Video

Video has historically been one of the most underrated elements of business websites. Modern web users love video. These assets are engaging, eye-catching, and entertaining. In fact, video is frequently claimed to be the most popular, effective, and targeted form of marketing. Nowadays, there is a stronger emphasis on video’s that are meaningful, purposeful, and intentional. Don’t just go haphazardly embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo with millions of downloads. If you currently lack these resources in-house, think about investing in professional video production.


Furthermore, neo-brutalism is one of the most popular web design trends to watch for this year. , Neo-brutalism dates back all the way to the 1950s-1970s and exposed raw materials such as concrete. This style takes Brutalism but dials it down some. Neo-brutalism still focuses on the rawness that comes from Brutalism, but adds a minimalist flare to them — which makes websites look Avant-guard. Website designs that have a neo-brutalism flare to them have plain backgrounds, asymmetrical layouts, default sans serif fonts, and untreated photos. By incorporating this specific style to your website or design, it will have a different type of style that does not work for everything.

Incorporating these web design trends to your site in 2022. Keep these in mind when designing logo art for your brand. Artists that have used these specific trends that have emerged during 2022 are successful and keep up with the constant changes. Stay up to date with the comeback of the Retro style and see what elements are being used the most. Then, add a 3D element to keep the viewer engaged.

After that, see if there is a way to incorporate interactions while the viewer is checking out the product on your site. Then, see what type of typography you want to use on the physical content. Furthermore, a different design or website you create may have a more Neo-brutalism style to it. You should also follow tactics for writing great busniess website content. These are the top 5 modern web design trends to expect in 2022.

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