How To Make A Branded Poster For New Retail Store Opening

There are several actionable tips to make a strong poster for a store opening. A poster or flyer is great to spread the word about your new retail operation. These marketing materials increase brand awareness, encourage word-of-mouth advertising, and create excitement. As an entrepreneur yourself, there is multiple great tactics to kickstart your business on the right foot. Read on to learn the top tips on making a poster for the store opening.

After months of preparation, you’ve finally got the day that your store has been waiting for. This may be your first store or one of many, but it is still exciting nonetheless. You will want to post posters around town advertising your grand opening and let everyone know about the event beforehand so they can come celebrate with you. For that, here are a few poster maker tips.

Decide On The Look

There are many different kinds of opening posters. Some have just pictures, some have people in them, some are very simple and others are quite detailed. The type of poster you make will depend on your modern retail store look, feel, and atmosphere. Keep in mind that most posters will only be up for a few days, so you want to make them eye-catching. If they are very artistic or detailed, you might not get the point across that your store is opening far away on a specific date. Posters with pictures of people are more likely to catch someone’s attention rather than a poster with just words.

Go For Colored

Also, if you have the option of choosing between a color poster and a black and white one in your online poster maker, choose the former. Even though it will be slightly more expensive to print in color, your poster will stand out more because it is different from the rest. If for some reason, you can’t get a color copy, go for a black and white poster. Also, have the copy store print it in black and white or color depending on your option.

Put In The Necessary Details

Put in all the necessary details for your small business marketing materials. The words on your poster maker online will depend on what you want the public to know about your grand opening. You can also use a flyer maker and give out flyers.  There are many different things that can be put on a poster, but most posters will have two or three of these things below:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Where it is taking place (address, city, state)
  • What they can expect (entertainment, food, door prizes)
  • How they can be involved (rally the support of friends and family beforehand so they can come to celebrate with you. If for some reason your store closing is delayed or if it isn’t really close at all, this opening poster will let people know so they aren’t confused.)
  • Price and availability of products (explain the unique goods your store sells, such as everything is half off on opening day)
  • Business credit cards accepted
  • Store hours (It’s important to include the date and time of the event because you don’t want any customers coming in that day expecting your store to be open when in fact it is closed for the day. The date and time of the event should also be listed on your opening poster so people know when you are planning on opening.)
  • Store phone number (If your customers want more information, they can call you at this number.)
  • An expression of gratitude to those that showed support

At the very bottom of the poster, including all of the names of people who helped make this opening day possible. If you can actually bring your poster to the print shop with you, do so! When our store opening posters were printed, we brought in some pictures of what we wanted them to look like. The poster maker machine made them look exactly like we had hoped and we saved some time and money because of it.

Know Where To Post Them

Once you have decided what you’ll be making on your custom poster maker, it is time to decide where you want them to be posted. The best place to post your opening poster is in the area surrounding your store. This may include bus stops and traffic lights near your location or somewhere on a busy street or intersection if there is no traffic light nearby. Putting posters on a signpost or putting them on traffic cones or street barriers can also be effective. Just make sure that the poster is visible and readable from a distance, so people know it is publicizing your store’s opening day.

Another thing you will need for this project is tape, glue, ribbon, string, paperclips, pins, stapler, scissors, and other various items to hang posters. You should post posters in high traffic areas such as around libraries, parks, schools, community centers and other places where people gather often. You can also post on bulletin boards near different businesses. If you live in the city, try to place posters around your neighborhood as well. Do not just hang them up on telephone poles or on random trees. Bus drivers, truck drivers, and other people driving by will not be able to see it if it is put higher than eye level or if it is hidden behind a bunch of other papers on a telephone pole. They need to be visible from a distance so that they will catch people’s attention as they drive by, walk down the sidewalk or ride on a bus.

Making a poster for your store’s opening is not an easy task. However, with the right amount of effort and these tips, you’ll be able to make a poster for your store opening that will impress everyone in attendance.

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