5 Best Amazon Prime Business Credit Card Rewards To Gain

There are several best Amazon Prime business credit card rewards to gain. With this card, companies can earn rewards on the first $120,000 they spend each year at the various Amazon affiliates. In addition, this card offers companies that chance to buy now and pay later. This gives businesses extra time to payoff their Amazon purchases, interest free. As a business owner, you should apply for an Amazon Prime business credit card as your franchise financing solution to gain rewards that can go toward your company and employees. Read on to learn about the best Amazon Prime business credit rewards to gain.

Welcome Offer

First, you’ll receive a welcome offer when you open an Amazon Prime business credit card. Along with the card’s $0 annual fee feature, you can receive another decent offer as a bonus for signing on. New eligible Prime members get a $125 Amazon Gift Card on upon their credit card approval. Like most credit cards, terms can apply. For example, the gift card is only valid at Amazon.com. You can not use it to make purchases through Amazon Business or Whole Foods. Of course, a $125 Gift Card is enough to makeup a fraction of the baseline one-year membership cost. So, this sign up bonus can save you some money in the long run. Surely, the welcome offer is one of the best Amazon Prime credit card rewards.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Second, the Amazon Prime business credit card offers flexible repayment terms. This card offers two options to finance your expenses. When you make a large purchase, you can take advantage of the 90-day interest-free repayment option. With this, you can have more flexibility in your budget to purchase new equipment and supplies for your company. Of course, this is an easy way to finance important purchases without added expenses. Plus, you’ll avoid paying the interest rate, which usually ranges from 14%-22% APR. Keep in mind that you cannot earn cashback rewards if you choose the 90-day repayment option. In short, you should consider this credit card to take advantage of the flexible repayment terms.

5% Cashback

In addition, you can earn the 5% cashback reward with an Amazon Prime business credit card. As long as you’re a business account card holder, you can upgrade your account rewards to earn 5% cashback. Visit your Amazon account and expand “Payment Options”. Here, you can see how much you get back on purchases. Verify you have 5% cashback to start earning this reward. If you’re not earning 5% yet, click “Learn How” to upgrade. Get 5% cashback on purchases made through Amazon.com, Amazon Business, Amazon Web Services and Whole Foods Market. You can earn this on all eligible purchases up to your first $120,000 spent each year. Of course, you’ll still receive 1% cashback on your credit card once you reach the limit. Certainly, get the Amazon Prime business credit card to start earning 5% cashback on your purchases.

Additional Cashback Rewards

More so, you can get additional cashback rewards when you open an Amazon Prime Business credit card. You can apply this 2% cashback card to purchases made at many qualifying U.S restaurants. Plus, you can get the same rewards at most gas stations as well. In addition, this offer is valid for purchases made on wireless telephone services from U.S. providers. Of course, you can review the various business card options to select the best card returns that work for you. Keep in mind that these cashback rewards don’t offer interest-free repayment periods. Therefore, look for a low interest option to maximize your cashback. Definitely, you should get the Amazon Prime Business credit card to earn additional cashback rewards.

Redemption Options

Furthermore, the Amazon Prime business credit card offers reward redemption options. Since your cashback rewards are distributed in the form of points, Amazon offers different ways to use them. For example, you can apply your points at the checkout on Amazon.com or Amazon Business. Here, you can choose to apply as many points as you want to the purchase. Then, the remaining balance is charged to your Amazon Prime credit card. In addition, you can apply your points to any purchase on your Amazon credit card statement. Notably, these purchases don’t have to be Amazon-related. Also, your points will never expire, so you can use them as frequently as you want. Of course, you have many redemption options to redeem your Amazon Prime rewards.

There are several best Amazon Prime business credit card rewards to gain. First, you’ll receive a $125 Amazon Gift Card welcome offer when you sign up and setup your business card. Second, this card offers flexible repayment terms to either get cash back or a three-month interest free period on purchases. In addition, you can get the 5% cashback reward when you sign up for a credit card. More so, there are many additional cashback rewards at certain restaurants, gas stations and phone companies. Furthermore, you’ll have different redemption options to use your reward points on purchases. These are the best Amazon Prime business credit card rewards to gain.

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