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5 Terms To Know For Trading Bitcoin And Other Digital Currencies

If you are new to the world of currency or haven’t heard of it before, you might not understand what bitcoins are. But just because you’re not familiar with the term doesn’t mean you can’t learn more about this phenomenal technology. Learning more about this currency is the key to becoming an expert in the field and using it successfully. ... Read More »

How A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Works

There are various steps when learning how a charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT) works. CRATs offer reliability and security. Donors participate in a gift transaction where they donate personal assets. Then, appointed beneficiaries are guaranteed an annual income, where received amounts never fluctuate. As an investor, look into CRAT to earn a fixed income in the form of an annuity. ... Read More »

Is Wholesale Real Estate Legal: What New Investors Need To Know

There are several elements to fully understand if wholesale real estate is legal as an investment. Wholesaling laws and regulations exist to enforce moral and transparent practices when investing in real estate properties. Of course, there is a common misconception that wholesaling real estate is illegal. The short answer is that these investment strategies are not illegal. However, there is ... Read More »

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Worth It As An Investment?

There are several reasons why wholesaling real estate is worth it as an investment. Wholesaling is an excellent way to get involved in the evolving real estate investing industry. Like any new financial opportunity, there are always potential benefits and downsides present. As a real estate investor, it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons necessary to get started with ... Read More »

5 Reasons You Should Invest In Index Annuities

There are various reasons you should invest in index annuities. Of course, it’s one way how to earn extra money. Many individuals buy indexed annuities from insurance companies through one-time or several premium payments. Then, at an agreed upon later date, the annuity pays a lump sum or a scheduled payment to the annuity holder. As an investor, look into ... Read More »

How Much Risk Should I Take As An Investor?

One thing that all investors know is how risk and reward go hand in hand. The bigger the risks you take, the bigger the potential payoff when things work out in your favour. This is the basics of investor behavior. At the same time, taking bigger risks also opens the door to potential disaster. The more you put on the ... Read More »

5 Top Phosphate And Lithium Stocks To Buy Now

There are various top phosphate and lithium stocks to buy now. Investment opportunities with lithium and phosphate have become increasingly popular. Phosphate and lithium are vital components in many tech based products, such as rechargeable batteries. These batteries power portable devices for both smartphones and tablets. Also, the batteries are being used to power electric vehicles like cars and scooters. ... Read More »

An Investment Products List To Diversify Your Portfolio

There are several investment products list to diversify your portfolio. As the economy is changing, many are relying on investing products to secure a comfortable future. Investing can fund retirement, provide extra income or protect against financial difficulties. It could also prevent you from potentially having to open a new startup. In fact, by adding risky assets, investors can minimize ... Read More »

What Does Blockchain Mean For Small And Medium Businesses?

Whether from a business or individual perspective, it’s likely you heard of blockchain, but you might not fully understand what it is. Of course, this is one of the most disruptive global trends in the fintech market. In simple terms, blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency, including bitcoin and thousands of others. It becomes more complex than that, however. Below, ... Read More »

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