An Investment Products List To Diversify Your Portfolio

There are several investment products list to diversify your portfolio. As the economy is changing, many are relying on investing products to secure a comfortable future. Investing can fund retirement, provide extra income or protect against financial difficulties. It could also prevent you from potentially having to open a new startup. In fact, by adding risky assets, investors can minimize overall portfolio risk. As an investor, you can grow your wealth by meeting financial goals and improving your purchase capabilities. Here is a list of investment products to diversify your portfolio.

Exchange-Traded Funds

A popular investment product to diversify your portfolio are exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs combine investor money to purchase a collection of securities. Thus, providing an individual diversified investment. You would buy an ETF like you would a share of an individual stock. ETFs are a fit investment if you have a elongated time period and don’t have a lot of money. Occasionally, ETF share prices are lower than the mutual fund minimum. As a result, you could buy ETFs for lower than the mutual fund minimum investment requirement. Certainly, exchange-traded funds can diversify your portfolio.


Of course, invest in bonds to diversify your portfolio. Bonds are a loan that you make to a business, government or corporation. In fact, you can invest with short term loans where bonds mature in 5 years or less. You will be repaid the loan amount plus interest payments throughout a specified payment term. There are a variety of bond types to add to your portfolio including agency bonds, corporate bonds and Treasuries. Certainly be cautious because risk depends on the bond type you choose. More so, bonds reduce losses and diversify stock portfolios. Definitely invest in bonds as they are an essential component of a balanced portfolio.


Next, consider investing in stocks to diversify your portfolio. Invest in low-cost, diversified index funds for a high return with minimal risk. Typically, investors follow the rule of 100 minus your age for investing in stocks. For example, if you are 25 years old, you should invest about 75% of your portfolio into stocks. Or, consider investing in individual stocks for diversification options, risk-adjusted returns and price-to-earnings ratios. However, be cautious about their price volatility. Stocks can be purchased through an online brokerage or a trusted broker. Certainly, diversify your portfolio by investing in stocks.

International Stocks

Consider investing in international stocks to diversify your portfolio. Typically, international stocks perform differently than US stocks. This provides exposure to foreign security opportunities. Additionally, domestic markets such as developed or emerging markets, don’t always fluctuate as the US market does. Therefore, owning US and international investment options can level out portfolio volatility. More so, international stocks offer a higher projected return with a lower risk in your portfolio. Definitely consider investing in international stocks to diversify your portfolio.

Alternative Investments

Finally, diversify your portfolio with alternative investments. Alternative investments add a low correlation with traditional assets to your portfolio. As a result, if the market is performing poorly, your alternatives could still perform well. More common alternative investments include hedge funds, private equity and real estate. Of course, you could also focus on debt investing, commodities, collectibles or structured products. Since alternative investments and the public market are separate, they constitute a great option to diversify your portfolio.

There is a list of various investment products that can diversify your portfolio. Certainly invest in ETFs as they provide a single diversified investment in your portfolio. Definitely invest in bonds because they are vital for balanced portfolio allocation strategies to diversify your portfolio. Of course, diversify your portfolio by investing in individual stocks or low-cost, diversified index funds. Consider investing in international stocks as foreign markets fluctuate differently than US markets. This can even out portfolio volatility and add diversification. Finally, invest in alternative investments to diversify your portfolio as it is separate from the public market. Follow this investment products list to diversify your portfolio.

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