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How To Invest In Indian Startups Through Private Sources

Traders invest in Indian through private sources using several steps. India’s startup ecosystem is the third largest in the world, providing an alternative to traditional investments. These traditional investments include the stock market, mutual funds, and gold. International investors back many Indian technology startups to avoid these traditional investments. In fact, Indian tech startups can provide ROIs up to 30x ... Read More »

5 Best Alternative Investments For Above Market Returns

There are several alternative investments for above market returns. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not regulate these fixed investments which does have higher levels of risk. Typically, alternative investments do not correlate with traditional bonds, stocks and cash. Additionally, this asset class is accessible by individuals, or specifically qualified investors. As an investor, you can diversify your ... Read More »

5 Biggest Stock Market Scams That Shook the World

One of the most common investment options in the US is in the shares of publicly traded companies. Finance and trading are often complex for beginners, which is further made complex deliberately by some. This also leaves the market ripe for major scams and frauds that are not detected until it is too late. Recently, the GameStop Corp fiasco made ... Read More »

5 Types of Medical Stocks to Buy Now

There are several types of medical stocks to buy now. Due to the broadness of healthcare, many sectors can build a diverse portfolio. Medical stocks are growing exponentially because of the aging society and advancements in technology. In fact, healthcare stocks serve as 10% of the Nasdaq Composite Index. More so, 1/6 of the companies in the Dow Jones Industrial ... Read More »

Top 5 Features of the Best Crowdfunding Sites for Nonprofits to Invest in Now

When searching crowdfunding sites for nonprofits to invest in, you must consider their best features. Crowdfunding is an invaluable tool to utilize for nonprofits. By 2025, it is projected to be an over $85 billion industry. In just 2018, the largest crowdfunding effort was conducted which raided over $40 million. Crowdfunding efforts are operated through websites that offer many beneficial ... Read More »

5 Types of Crowdfunding for Real Estate Investments

There are several different types of crowdfunding for real estate investments. Crowdfunding for real estate is a great way for investors to raise a large amount of money with low starting capital. In fact, these fundraising options are one of the best ways to build wealth strategically and passively. At the same time, these opportunities simplify risk management across real ... Read More »

5 Investment Home Renovations That Boost Value

There are many investment home renovations that boost value. Of course, basic renovations such as new siding, windows, or roof are more likely to recoup investments than traditional room remodels. However, most buyers assume basic components like the roof, plumbing, and HVAC systems work properly. Therefore, homeowners must decide between investing in these basic systems, or remodeling entire rooms for ... Read More »

What Are Crypto Trading Signals And How To Utilize Them?

Crypto trading is now accessible to practically anybody who can afford a little investment. For some, it’s only a pastime, for others it’s a source of business entertainment, and for yet others, it’s a source of income. Many traders employ specialised crypto trading signals on a regular basis. All traders, from novice to expert, may benefit from using them since ... Read More »

5 Features of the Best 401K Robo Advisor Solutions

According to a survey from March 2019, nearly 63% of Americans are confused about 401K retirement plans and exactly how they work. There are many ways to prepare for the future and having and maintaining a 401K is one of them. Many people don’t know how to master the idea that is the future but with the help of 401K ... Read More »

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