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5 Best Free Online Lead Management Tools for Small Businesses

There are many free online lead management tools for small businesses. These tools often offer business app integrations, templates, and automation solutions. Additionally, they provide lead generation, capture, and qualification functions. As a marketing professional, the best tools have intuitive UIs as well as profile enrichment and lead filtering capabilities. This way, you can analyze how your small business advertising ... Read More »

5 Key Features Of Event Planning Tool Platforms For Marketers

There are many features of event planning tool platforms for marketers. These platforms help organizers execute aspects of event planning such as venue booking and email invitations. By using a planning tool solution, marketers keep all event-relevant information and data in a single platform. This way, they spend more time marketing and crafting a memorable event. As a marketing professional, ... Read More »

5 Key Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2021

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business operation. Many businesses are going online and most of the employees will continue to do work from home for the whole year. Because of the change in customer responses in this pandemic, there are some marketing strategies insights which will work in 2021. Below are some digital trends which you can follow ... Read More »

5 Foolproof Strategies To Attract New Clients To Your Tech Startup

As the digital world continues to change, there are several foolproof strategies to attract new clients to your tech startup. Generating a steady pipeline of new clients requires you to formulate multiple sophisticated, cross-departmental methods. As a tech business owner, you will need to invest time into advertising, relationship building, and networking for your agency. Fortunately, there are several proven ... Read More »

5 Rules For Writing A Press Release To Launch Your Business

There are many rules for writing business product launch press releases. They provide a cost-effective solution that makes the media and public aware of a business’s latest developments. Since many journalists receive high volumes of pitches and press releases, business launch pitches need to stand out. As a marketing professional, ensure your press releases are seen by identifying the news ... Read More »

How To Engage Customers With Text Messaging

The growth of your business is directly related to the loyalty and continued patronage of your customers. One way to secure consistent customers’ patronage is by providing excellent and effective customer service. Every customer wants to feel important and will stay in a place where they feel respected and important. This is why you need to start using text messages ... Read More »

How To Choose Promotional Logo Pens For Business

There are many ways to choose promotional logo pens for business. Many business owners market with promotional pens due to their low cost. Some can be as low as 9 cents per pen. Additionally, studies show that recipients of personalized business pens use them multiple times a day for up to six months. As a business manager, promotional logo pens ... Read More »

5 Higher Education Digital Marketing Strategies To Drive Enrollment

Higher education digital marketing strategies have a significant impact on many institutes’ enrollment rates. Colleges and universities employ these strategies to establish a presence on popular platforms. This way, they drive high traffic and increase student interest. As a higher education marketing professional, you can leverage digital marketing to attract and engage more potential students. Read on to discover higher ... Read More »

Here’s What Digital Marketing Can Do For Your Franchise

Online shopping may have skyrocketed recently, but overall, people still make most of their purchases in person — even if that means picking up curbside. And there are some things, like hot food and drink, that you can’t have delivered by Amazon Prime (yet). But just because people may be physically walking into your location to make their purchases doesn’t ... Read More »

5 Advanced Google Analytics Classes To Become Certified

There are many Google Analytics classes available online and in-person. These classes teach how to leverage this valuable free tool to improve marketing strategies. For a fee, several of these courses offer certification upon completion. When properly leveraged, Google Analytics can provide insights on trends, consumers, and market demographics. Indeed, it’s one of the best analytics tools for business owners. ... Read More »

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