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Using Instagram Influencer Marketing To Build Your Brand

Modern small business owners can work alongside experienced Instagram influencers to build your brand and expand your social media opportunities. Influencer marketing has consistently been growing as one of the most popular ways to increase awareness, build your online presence, and boost your overall exposure levels. In many cases, customers trust Instagram influencers that they follow more than celebrities or ... Read More »

How Do I Place An Ad On Facebook Successfully?

There are several steps to market your business on Facebook. You might be wondering, how do I place an ad on Facebook? As a marketing manager, you understand the strengths of social media marketing campaigns when driving traffic to improve your company’s sales. With the proper Facebook ad technique, you can effectively boost consumer engagement, increase website traffic, and impact ... Read More »

5 Strategies To Improve Your Charity Fundraising Website Marketing Campaign

There are several strategies to improve your charity fundraising website marketing campaign. Online giving is increasing. Many nonprofits now know how to convert web traffic and emails into donations to their cause. Studies show that overall nonprofit revenue increased by 23% in 2017. Moreover, 43% of millennials gave through social media campaigns. As a nonprofit marketing manager, you need to ... Read More »

How To Create A Successful HVAC Facebook Ads Campaign

You have a successful HVAC business with many years of experience. However, not everyone knows about your services, and it can be difficult to spread the word. In the world of social media and digital marketing, newspaper advertisement placements are likely not as effective. Luckily, there are a number social marketing ways to promote your HVAC business. Let’s take a ... Read More »

How To Choose A Free Marketing Certification Online

A free marketing certification online, chosen based on your skill level and interests, will help advance your marketing career. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, a marketing certification will give you the knowledge and credibility to succeed. Marketing certifications can cost thousands of dollars and involve in-person exams. However, there are numerous free online certifications that ... Read More »

How To Create Press Release For A New Product Launch

There are several important steps to create a press release for a new product launch in 2020. As a marketing manager, you know that an intriguing newsworthy publication can determine the success of your business’s product on the market. In the modern digital age, journalists and social media influencers hold considerable power over sales. You need a press release that ... Read More »

A Marketer’s Guide To Grow Your Business In 2020

The year 2020 took us all by surprise. We all looked forward to the year, yet, we didn’t see it coming. The element of surprise had almost all of us grappling to find stability and redefine our identities in the midst of all the chaos. This is why in business, you must never leave growth and new, innovative ways to ... Read More »

How To Develop A Profitable Small Business Marketing Budget

There are several steps to create a successful small business marketing budget. Every business owner knows that marketing is an essential responsibility to ensure consistent small business profitability and growth. While many researchers recommend specific benchmarks for your small business marketing budget, there are many additional steps and precautions to initially consider. With the proper marketing budget developed, you can ... Read More »

How To Create A Startup Marketing Plan To Kickstart Your Business Launch

There are several steps to create a profitable startup marketing plan to kickstart your new business launch. The success of your business largely depends on your ability to market your products and communicate with your audience. A well-defined marketing plan is essential to identify your audiences’ motivations. At the same time, your strategy defines where you will be communicating with ... Read More »

How To Use Cold Email To Boost Your New Business

There are several sophisticated ways to use cold email to boost your new business. With the cold email techniques properly deployed, you can largely improve your marketing strategy and your email response rate. Cold email outreach is sent without prior contact or permission from the recipient. Therefore, in order for communications to be effective, several careful factors must be taken. ... Read More »

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