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5 Consumer Groups To Target With A Marketing Plan Questionnaire

A marketing plan questionnaire can be an incredible way to organize and plan marketing campaigns. A questionnaire gathers highly valuable feedback. Plus, following effective marketing survey tactics helps the response rate. This information can improve your brand appeal, finalize strategic marketing decisions and facilitate connections with the target audience. However, you first need to decide who to target with a ... Read More »

Why Email Is The Best Channel For Your Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is a huge business opportunity for both retail e-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores. As per a recent study by eMarketer, retail spending increased by 3.7% to $1.007 trillion during the 2019 holiday season. Moving into this year’s holiday season, considering the current global pandemic situation, customers will avoid brick-and-mortar stores and carry out holiday shopping online. The ... Read More »

5 Social Brand Management Tactics To Boost Your Market Awareness

There are several social brand management tactics to boost your market awareness. Often, your social media viewers translate to potential customers. Therefore, social channels are among the most influential advertising methods to increase your brand reach. For this reason, these platforms must communicate targeted messages to your followers. In addition, it is essential that your social pages reflect your business ... Read More »

5 Types of Social Media Consultants That Will Increase Brand Reach

Social media consultants are incredible individuals capable of determining what customers want, where your brand is excelling, and where it may be falling short. However, the world of social media is always changing, and requires brands to be tapped in to those changes. While the parameters needed for successful posts are changing with the trends, it is still possible to ... Read More »

5 Innovative Loyalty Programs For An Online Business

Successful marketing professionals understand the value of innovative loyalty programs. After all, the cost to acquire a new patron is much greater than keeping an existing one. As such, customer retention programs are a priority for thriving marketing departments. These teams are continually thinking about creative ways to appeal to their customer base for more sales. Across multiple industries, there ... Read More »

5 Marketing Chatbots Strategies That Will Drive Sales

Marketing chatbots are one of the largest forces directing the future of digital marketing. Computer programs can be used to automate certain simple tasks, such as chatting with users via a conversational interface. As a result, many marketing professionals are free to focus on issues that require more complex thinking. As a marketing professional, you may be overwhelmed by the ... Read More »

5 Challenges That Marketing Calendar Software Addresses

The process of promoting a brand can be streamlined by implementing marketing calendar software. Indeed, sensible marketing specialists understand the challenges. First, a strategy and plan must be developed. Then, you have to connect the two and figure out how to reach your target. Finally, you have to monitor all of the pieces through to completion for a successful campaign. ... Read More »

What Is White-Hat SEO?

Ranking high on major search engines like Google is incredibly important for website creators and owners. Producing quality, engaging content that your audience will read is essential. It is equally important that you make the content highly visible on the Internet. Owning a business in the current industrial environment makes an online presence crucial. This is why it’s already a ... Read More »

How A Social Media Listening Tool Tracks Brand Mentions

The usage of a social media listening tool has exploded in popularity in the age of the internet. Many of today’s marketing professionals use these tools to monitor various social media platforms for conversations and mentions related to their brand. As a result, they can fine-tune how their brand listens and engages with the target market. As a marketing professional, ... Read More »

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