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Comparison of Top 3 Marketing Automation Tools To Stay Ahead Of Competitors

Marketing automation tools are a necessity to stay upfront with your competitors. It helps to improve ROI of marketing campaigns. You can establish two-way communication with existing customers as well as promote services to new business prospects. These tools allow you to send unlimited emails, sync your contacts on a single platform and convey personalized messages based on the customer action. ... Read More »

Why Marketing Is Such An Important Part Of Business

If you consider enrolling in the online bachelor of science in marketing program at Arizona State University it’s only natural to think about the industry you want to work in, and ask questions about it. If you’ve been eying a career in marketing you may be interested to learn just how vital it is to a business. It will most ... Read More »

How Instagram Marketing Can Take Your Business To A Whole New Level

Businesses in this day and age need to think outside of the box, when trying to come up with new marketing strategies. Unfortunately, almost every marketing tactic has already been done at some point in the past. Nonetheless, some of the most common marketing techniques can prove to be enormously beneficial for all businesses, regardless of size or niche. This ... Read More »

Business Facebook Tips For New Meaningful Engagement With Followers

Facebook is a popular social media site that provides excellent marketing tools for businesses. Between business Facebook pages, event calendars and specialized groups, Facebook is a great way to connect with your audience. Social platforms are also excellent places for millenial media sharing, if that is your particular audience. However, it is not enough to simply have a profile. Instead, ... Read More »

Guerilla Marketing Tips To Bring This Marketing Trend To Small Business

Guerilla marketing is a term that describes advertising through the use of low-cost, unconventional marketing tactics to yield maximum results. Guerilla marketing relies heavily on high energy and imagination. The goal of this advertising strategy is to make a memorable impact on your audience. For small businesses or start-ups, this type of campaign can be extremely useful because its focus ... Read More »

Get Response Email Marketing Software Signup Steps For Professionals

Get Response is an email marketing tool designed to help marketing professionals organize and reach out to a list of key clients in an effective way. This can be a beneficial program to have for anyone interested in making engaging landing pages and compelling emails that will grab the attention of their audience. Get Response is especially useful because it ... Read More »

Open For Business In Style: Marketing Ideas For A Grand Opening

When you envision the grand opening of a business, you probably picture a ribbon cutting ceremony or a celebratory “first dollar” earned being taped near the register. However, there are plenty of other creative ways to celebrate a new business. Most importantly, there are ways to get potential consumers involved in the celebration. If you are helping to open a ... Read More »

Become An Advertising Manager With Steps To Prepare For The Industry

An advertising manager is someone who oversees the advertising activity of a business. Their specific role may vary depending upon the business or agency. However, most often advertising managers focus on directing the business strategy for advertising, implementing campaigns and supervising the many advertising-related departments within the company. This position takes a careful mix of creativity and business sense, along ... Read More »

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