5 Top Marketing Logo Items To Promote Your Business

There are various top marketing logo items to promote your business. According to Karl Lagerfield, “People cannot read French or English – but are great at remembering signs”. Logos are a simple yet effective way to advertise business identity, purpose and cause. Pass out these items to employees, clients or at conferences. As a business owner, there are endless marketing opportunities within logoed promotions. Here are the top marketing logo items to promote your business.

Logoed Pens

Logoed pens are an effective marketing logo item to promote your new business or existing company. Pens are an effective marketing solution since they can be used everyday. They can be kept in the office, the kitchen or even the garage. Give them to potential partners, clients and employees to remind them of your business with every word they write. Of course, you can include your business name and contact information along with your logo. As a result, those interested in your business can reach out and contact you in real time. More so, if you create a pen that writes well enough, connections will want more to keep in the office or share with friends. Certainly, logoed pens are a reliable logoed item for business marketing.

Logoed Drinkware

A second effective marketing logoed item to advertise your business is drinkware. Put your logo on disposable plastic cups, biodegradable paper cups or simple travel mugs. Disposable and biodegradable cups can be used at parties, get togethers or business meetings. As a result, your logo can be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people. Of course, by advertising on biodegradable cups, consumers know you’re an environmentally conscious company. More so, by putting your logo on reliable travel mugs, your logo can be seen around the world. Definitely make your logo attractive, eye-catching and easily distinguished so prospects want to look into the design. Definitely consider using logoed drinkware to promote your organization.

Logoed Stress Relievers

Another impactful marketing logoed item to promote your company are stress relievers. More than 75% of Americans experience stress at any given moment. Offer stress relievers such as stress balls, fidget spinners or poppers. As a result, consumers will relate your business back to relieving stress. More so, it showcases your business’ care for your customers’ well-being. This is an especially effective idea for businesses dealing with sports, health or fitness equipment. Surely, logoed stress relievers are a reliable and effective marketing item to promote your business.

Logoed Flashlights

Moreover, you can advertise your small business by marketing logoed flashlights. Of course, consider placing your logo on both regular and portable flashlights. Customers can use normal sized flashlights during natural disasters, a child’s sleepover or during a camping trip. Additionally, you can attach a chain onto the portable flashlight so consumers can carry it around with their keys. Flashlights provide real-world value and assistance in dangerous situations. More so, they remind customers about your business’ care for their safety and convenience. Certainly, logoed flashlights are an effective marketing logo item to promote your business.

Logoed Face Masks

Finally, logoed face masks are a newly effective way to market your business. According to an ASI study, about 55% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that gave them with a custom mask. They reliably promote your business since they are worn in most professional and recreational locations. They are worn in offices, retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants. As a result, your logo can be advertised wherever your client, customer or employee goes. In fact, it is estimated that about 4,350 impressions are made per logoed mask over its use. Surely, marketing a high quality and attractive logoed mask can promote your business.

There are several effective marketing logo items to promote your business. Of course, you can also use these items for the best corporate swag. First, logoed pens are an effective way to advertise since they can be kept in the office, at home or lent to a friend. Secondly, use logoed drinkware as they can be used for large gatherings, travel opportunities or everyday hangouts. Logoed stress relievers are an effective item to advertise yourself as a stress free business who strongly care about their customers’ well-being. More so, logoed flashlights show your customers that you are a dependable company for convenience and safety. Finally, logoed face masks can advertise your company as they are worn in most locations and cause about 4,350 impressions during it’s lifetime. These are the top marketing logo items to promote your business.

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