5 Major Channels For Marketing Industrial Products

There are various major channels to market industrial products. With the growth of specialization, there have also been improvements in transportation, communication and distribution methods. As marketing channels evolve, companies are investing in more complex distribution models. The networks of different organizations work together to make products available for consumption. As an industrial executive, you need to market your industrial products, goods and supplies to these networks. In this post we’ll cover the five major channels for marketing industrial products.

Search Engine Optimization

First, search engine optimization (SEO) is a major channel for marketing industrial products. Typically, industrial buyers start searching for manufacturing equipment and supplies by clicking through online platforms. In order to reach new buyers, your site must show at the top of the search results. With SEO, you can optimize the content and keywords on your website to match relevant search queries. Update your website with fresh, unique content to attract new leads. Further, edit your web copy and meta tags for additional keywords. Through consistent content production and optimization, your SEO strategy will attract new visitors looking for industrial products. Of course, the search engines are of the best marketing channels for the industrial products industry. 

Direct Selling

Secondly, direct selling is another major channel for marketing industrial products. Sell and market industrial products directly to businesses. When marketing to companies, make personal contact arrangements to book meetings or appointments. Conduct one-on-one demonstrations to explain how your industrial products work. Actively build relationships with individuals at other companies. Additionally, you can generate online sales to attract new businesses directly. Then, reach out to the potential business client or customer directly. Of course, direct selling is one of the best channels for marketing industrial products.

Video Marketing

Next, video marketing is another major channel to promote your industrial products. You can use video marketing strategies to boost online traffic and build brand awareness for your company. A popular strategy is native video advertising. Distribute your videos on numerous high-traffic video sharing sites, such as YouTube. Plus, you should publish content on your own social media channels. This way, you can increase social sharing and maximize your search engine optimization (SEO). Then, showcase your industrial products in your videos so other companies can see what you sell. To attract even more clients, continue to provide great content across your different platforms. Surely, video marketing is one of the best channels for marketing industrial products.

Email Marketing

Furthermore, email marketing is another major channel for promoting industrial products. Collect contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers from industrial companies. Build up a strong base of relevant subscribers on mailing list. Then, you can send out frequent updates and information about your industrial products and services. In the newsletters, keep your subscribers up to date on inventory availability, new product releases and limited time offers. This can also increase traffic and sales on your website. Then, further engage with your subscribers by sending out personalized emails and include a call-to-action. Surely, email marketing is one of the best channels to use for marketing industrial products.

Indirect Distribution

Lastly, indirect distribution is another major channel for marketing industrial products. Of course, consider PR distribution to maximize your marketing exposure. Rely on intermediaries, or middle men, to perform your distribution functions for you. Bring in third parties, like warehouses, to distribute your products more efficiently. Focus on your company and let logistic companies bring new levels of shipping expertise to your company. By using this method, you will cut down on costs and you will be able to focus solely on the manufacturing of your products. Surely, indirect distribution could be a beneficial channel for marketing industrial products.

These are some of the best channels for marketing industrial products. First, start with SEO for industrial keywords related to your company. When appropriate, take direct selling techniques and approaches. With video marketing, you can exposure your industrial products to millions of companies online. Additionally, build an email list to keep in touch with leads and generate more sales. Finally, consider using indirect distribution channels for selling products with middle men or wholesalers. Leverage all of these major marketing channels to sell industrial products successfully.

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