Starting A Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Service From Home

For entrepreneurs looking to start a profitable business with low operations, material, and overhead costs from home, consider launching a commercial restaurant cleaning service. Professional cleaning services cater to restaurants and other commercial properties. Due to the mobile aspect of a restaurant maintenance service, you can even start your business from home. If you are interested in how to start a commercial restaurant service from home, continue reading this post.

Draft Your Business Plan

As with any business, you need to draft your business plan before you can start your restaurant cleaning service from home. Within your business plan, highlight your sources of financing and your overall plan for operations. One of the most important aspects, is to detail your specific business niche. Your niche must specify how your business will stand out against competition. To appropriately serve restaurants, many professional cleaners offer overnight services. This allows you to conduct a full range of services without sacrificing your clients daily operations. Draft your business plan before you start your commercial cleaning company from home.

Purchase Essential Materials

Before you can begin operations, you must purchase the essential materials to launch your restaurant cleaning business from home. For mobile commercial maintenance businesses, the largest expenses are likely transportation and supplies. However, you also need to factor in large equipment purchases and rentals. For transportation, look to purchase a vehicle suitable to reliably transport yourself, necessary supplies, and your employees. In terms of supplies, you likely need a range of surface cleaners, disinfectants, and other cleaning agents. Purchasing equipment, you obviously need basic materials like sponges, mops, and vacuums. However, you may also need more expensive equipment like steam cleaners, buffers, and polishers. Purchase the essential materials needed to start your professional restaurant cleaning business from home.

Determine Your Rates Structure

Before you can begin quoting prices on your services to commercial restaurants you need to determine the rate structure to launch your business from home. Rather than charging per location or per area, many entrepreneurs have looked to charge their services by the hour. Charging by the hour allows you to account for any unexpected issues or specifically long projects. Determine an hourly rate that is competitive with the market. However, your rate should adequately reflect your licenses, transportation costs, employees, and supply costs. Determine your rates structure before you start your cleaning business from home.

Draft Your Service Agreements

As you prepare to launch your professional restaurant maintenance service, draft your various service agreements. Service agreements are commonly used to quote your clients prices. List every room in restaurants: bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, and entrance spaces. As you assess these rooms list the services you will need to preform in each. If you are charging by the hour, leave an estimated time it will take per room. When you are charging by the space, provide a separate quote for each additional space. Then, when you visit client’s restaurants, you can quickly prepare them an estimate for your services. Draft your service agreements as you prepare to launch your at home business.

Register Your Business

In order to remain compliant with local, state, and federal laws, you need to register your professional cleaning business as you prepare to launch from home. Businesses that are working from home, even when cleaning commercial spaces, are technically classified as consumer cleaners. Traditional commercial cleaners refer to maintenance and janitorial workers employed by corporations, independent contractors, or school districts. Even as a ‘consumer cleaner’ however, you may want to consider business registration. If you provide clients services over $600 annually, the IRS requires you to file using a 1099 Contract. Simply choose a name and incorporate it within this contractual form. Register your commercial cleaning service as a business as you prepare to launch from home.

Commercial restaurant cleaning services are excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to launch profitable businesses from home. If you are interested however, there are several steps you must adhere to. Determine the services you offer and structure you plan to follow. Purchase the essential materials you need to conduct daily operations. Ensure you have sufficient resources to clean business premises and provide maintenance to entire restaurants. You then need to determine your rates structure your business will charge customers based on. Draft your service agreements to provide when quoting prices. Finally, to remain compliant with state and federal laws, you must register your business. If you are considering launching your own business and would like to know how to start a commercial restaurant service from home, consider the points mentioned above.

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