5 Team Activities To Help Managers Foster Problem Solving Collaboration

Managing a team requires employees to actually feel like a team. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to effectively manage employees and their oftentimes differing opinions and personalities. You will need to boost office morale to get anything done. If you are a manager, you know this better than anyone else. Team building activities may seem silly, but they are effective. That is why they are such crucial component of fundamental management best practices. Find out the best team activities to bond your employees and help them establish a sense of camaraderie and collaboration below.

Night Trail Game

One of the best team activities to promote cooperation and teamwork is called night trail. During this game, teams of employees are blindfolded. Together, they must navigate an obstacle course by following a rope put in place by you during setup. In order to make their way through the obstacle course successfully, your team of employees has to communicate and problem solve together. If you have multiple teams to manage, you can pit them against one another and see who makes it through the course in the best time. This is one of the best team building games to get team members communicating and working together with one another.

Office Trivia

Office trivia is one of the top teamwork activities to promote bonding and friendship among workers. This may not help improve employees communication skills or abilities to make business decisions directly. However, it will certainly help them bond with one another and form real friendships. That will certainly improve communications and collaboration outcomes in the future. All you need to do is pair employees up into partners or larger groups. Then, create 25 trivia questions all related to work and the company. Team members will accumulate points until there is a winner. These types of teamwork activities will encourage bonding and promote a healthier. more enjoyable office environment.

Penny Memories

Penny memories is one of the best ice breaker activities for team building days. Before you need to host the game, make sure you collect a whole bunch of pennies from all different years. Just be sure to leave out any coins that are from years before the birth year of your youngest team member. That way, everyone can be included. In this game, you put your big jar of pennies in the middle of a table. Then, have each team member stand up, pull out a penny and share a personal memory they have from that year. Continue doing this to all employees, including yourself, have picked and spoken. This is a great way to help team members get to know each other in a casual, comfortable environment. This is going to help establish your team to better manage them in the future.

Zen Counting

Zen counting is one of the best quick team building games. In this activity, the task is to get everyone to count up to the number ten. The trick is that no one can speak over each other, no numbers or speakers can be repeated and counting cannot be interrupted. Yes, this sounds incredibly easy. But, you will actually be surprised at how difficult it is and how long it takes a team to do this compared to how quickly they gather business intelligence. This is a great way to build rapport between team members, let off some steam and encourage problem solving skills.

Board Game Day

Board game day is a unique team building activity that costs business nothing at all. Have each employee bring in a favorite board game. Then, spend a couple hours allowing employees to play board games with each other. This will get team members talking to one another and getting to know each other. It is sure to encourage employees to build relationships with one another. Once they know their teammates, they will be able to work much better with each other. Just make sure you take time out to play some board games with them too. You also need to have a sense of camaraderie with your team. Team activities like board game days are unexpected treats for the entire team, and will make it easier for you to manage employees.

If you are a manager, team building activities are some of the most important tools you have in your arsenal. Employee teams need to be able to establish a rapport with each other and connect with one another on a personal level. Otherwise, they will not work together effectively. If you need some team activities to make your teams work better together and easier to manage for you, consider the ones explained above. These employee team building activities are sure to make your team that much easier to manage, which is certainly a nice perk for you.

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