5 Promotional Company Giveaway Ideas To Win New Customers

There are several promotional company giveaway ideas to win new customers. Giveaways are a great way to promote your business and increase company traffic. The best giveaway ideas include customized items that showcase your brand. As a business owner looking to win new customers, this allows you to develop a marketing campaign that is more relevant to your target demographic. Of course, you can leverage small giveaway items trade show to increase brand awareness at events. Here are the best promotional company giveaway ideas to win new customers.


Logoed company giveaway apparel ideas are a great way to win new customers. With clothes being an everyday necessity, giving away branded clothing items will increase company traffic. Some promotional items average hundreds of impressions per month. This way, you can gain new customers from a single glance of your logo. Great-quality and durable clothing also leaves your customers with a lasting impression on your company. Certainly, logoed apparel company giveaways are a great promotional idea to win new customers.


Branded pens offer another popular promotional company giveaway idea. Personalized pens are great because they help new customers and prospective leads remember your name. Of course, new potentials can use the information on that pen when needing help in your field of business. For example, they can easily find your contact number, email address, or business name by looking at the writing utensil. Pens also have one of the lowest costs per impression in promotional products, usually costing only a few cents. Your pens should also pair well with branded office stationery small business. Pens are such a smart promotional giveaway item because they spread your logo and company information while also being cost-efficient.

Cell Phone Accessories

A promotional logoed cell phone accessory company giveaway is also popular. With 5 billion people owning a cell phone, giving away items that advertise your company for those devices just makes sense. Grips and stands, cases, adhesive wallets and portable chargers are the best accessories to give away. They are in high demand and advertise your company’s name every time a cell phone is utilized. These types of items will forever be wanted as mobile devices are only becoming more popular and necessary. Promotional cell phone accessory giveaways are brilliant because they are in high demand and can expose your company to a large variety of consumers.

Reusable Water Bottles

Another popular promotional company giveaway idea are reusable water bottles. Reusable water bottles are in euphoric demand. The world today is trying to make plastic waste obsolete and by doing that, many people are resorting to these water bottles. While benefiting from the unlimited advertising, the giveaway of these items proves the type of company you are, caring about the well-being of your customers and your community. Reusable water bottles are a fantastic company giveaway idea because your logo will be exposed daily and your company is catering to the demand of its clients.


A promotional company giveaway idea that everyone can get under are blankets. Blankets see everyday usage and have lifespans of several years. Give away high-quality blankets to make a huge difference in your company’s public perception. The way your customers feel when using your products reflect on the way they will advertise and utilize your services. Blankets are also a captivating giveaway item because that blanket is used, the comfortable and peaceful feeling will be connected to your business. Blankets are an incredible company giveaway idea because of the way it can impact your customer’s ambiance.

Promotional company giveaway ideas are beneficial when attracting new customers. The items listed above are great ideas due to the globalization ability of the products. The practicality and durability of these items are essential and will reflect on how you promote your company. Additionally, using a logo design crowdsource website ensures these products have your memorable, well designed logo displayed prominently. These are five of the most popular promotional company giveaway ideas to win you new customers.

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