5 Successful Company Wellness Programs That Actually Work

There are many successful company wellness programs that work. Company wellness programs improve the health and productivity of employees, and may reduce the costs of employer-provided health care. Additionally, these programs often reduce absenteeism and workplace injuries, as well as increase employee morale and loyalty. As a business manager, implement a wellness program to emphasize the importance of employee health and reduce the often-increasing costs of health insurance. Read on to discover successful company wellness programs that work.

Flexible Hours

Providing flexible working hours is one wellness program that improves employee loyalty and morale. Doing so alleviates the daily stress felt by many employees. Allowing employees to move their schedules by as little as an hour has a significant impact on their productivity and stress levels. Ask yourself, who would be more productive? An employee rushing and stressing to get to work on time, or one who arrives calm and prepared to work? Of course, you can use automatic scheduling software to manage your team’s hours. Surely, allowing flexibility in working hours reduces employee stress and increases their productivity.

On-Site Gyms

On-site gyms and related fitness centers provide an impactful wellness solution. By using the company gym, employees become healthier, fitter, and reduce their stress. This way, employees are less likely to suffer workplace accidents and injuries due to their physical fitness. Additionally, physically fit employees are deemed lower risk by health insurance providers, reducing the costs of insuring them. Absolutely, providing an on-site gym or fitness center demonstrates your business’s value of employee health.

On-Site Massage Therapist

Providing an on-site massage therapist is another great company wellness program that relieves stress and improves morale. Massage therapists also alleviate some injuries and improve physical fitness, as well. Depending on your industry, your employees may be working long shifts and be under large amounts of pressure. By providing a massage therapist, you enable these employees to get significant relief from these stressors. Additionally, save costs by employing a third-party massage therapist to come in at regular intervals, such as once a week or month. This way, employees feel valued and have something to look forward to after a stressful work day. Certainly, providing massage therapists on-site provides significant stress relief and helps your company demonstrate its value of employees.

Financial Counseling and Planning

Financial planning and counseling are gaining popularity as a company wellness program. Many companies enroll in the assistance of accountants and financial professionals to ensure the financial well being of their employees. Several surveys have demonstrated that employees universally struggle to maintain financial well being by themselves. This often leads to lowered productivity at work. Therefore, providing financial professionals to assist in these endeavors increases work productivity significantly. Definitely, providing financial assistance via accountants and related professionals improves morale.

Ergonomic Work Spaces

Ergonomic work spaces are a low-cost method of improving employee wellness. Items such as back-supporting chairs, standing desks, and natural lighting significantly improve employee health and wellness. This way, workplace injuries and accidents are less likely. Additionally, secure a good price for this furniture by negotiating with an office furniture vendor. Pleasing office walls can also help improve employee wellness. Of course, ergonomic work spaces provide significant health and wellness improvements at reduced furniture and health insurance costs.

There is a myriad of successful company wellness programs that work. One such program involves providing employees with flexible schedules to increase productivity via reduced stress. Another involves using an on-site fitness center to promote health and fitness, reducing costs and the likelihood of workplace injuries. Providing a massage therapist at regular intervals significantly reduces employee stress levels, especially if they’re under a lot of pressure. Financial assistance also improves productivity, as well as shows your employees they’re valued by the company. Finally, ergonomic work spaces are low-cost program that improves health, reducing insurance costs. When wondering about successful company wellness programs that work, consider the programs described above.

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