How Office Walls Can Maximize Productivity For Company Employees

When it comes to decorating an office space for business, nothing is more important than office walls. Without walls, there would be no office, after all. But what are the best colors to paint your office walls that will not distract workers, but also will not make them feel like they are in prison? Find out the psychological effects of color and how they impact workers so that you can paint your office walls the best color to increase efficiency for maximum productivity and a comfortable office environment.


Blue is known to produce calming effects in humans. Further, the color is said to promote communication, efficiency and even trust. Blue is a great color for encouraging creativity as well. If you own a creative business that values a collaborative work environment, painting office walls blue may be a good idea.


Shades of green are known to reduce stress levels and sooth those looking at them. Green is also one of the few colors that does not cause eye fatigue after long hours spent looking at it. That makes it a great color for businesses whose employees work very long hours. It is also a great color for high-stress environments due to its stress reduction properties. If you want to calm employees down, reduce eye strain and still maximize efficiency, paint your office walls a shade of green.


The color yellow is said to inspire creativity. It also tends to make people more optimistic. This color is a great one to use in office spaces for creative types as it can promote idea generation for employees. However, too much yellow can actually cause anxiety too. Do not over-saturate your office decor with yellow. But, remember that a touch of yellow on your office partitions or in office decorations and knick knacks can be great for a business that thrives off creativity.


Red is a very powerful color. You do not need to be a color psychology expert to realize that. But, you may not know that the color red can also stimulate pulse and raise blood pressure. It also is said to invoke emotion and passion. This is important to remember when deciding which color to paint office walls. (You might also find it helpful to keep this in mind when working on your next brochures design.) Businesses should consider using red accent walls in the office of negotiators or those with highly detail-oriented jobs. But other than that, try to shy away from red office walls. This color may not produce the most comfortable office environment, but it can be useful to draw attention to areas, as long as it is used in moderation.


When it comes to office walls, saturation is actually more important than color. A bright, fire engine red will have far different effects on office environments than a light salmon shade. If you are looking to stimulate employees, high-saturation colors are better options to consider. If you are looking to calm and soothe workers, on the other hand, low-saturation colors can help you do just that. Depending on what type of office environment you hope to encourage, color saturation will be an important deciding factor for painting your office walls appropriately.

If you are a business owner, designing and decorating an office space should take some thought, just as interior design should when flipping houses. This is especially true if you want to build an office environment that maximized productivity and efficiency. The first step to designing an office is painting the walls. The color of your office walls will have a huge impact on the overall work environment at your business. Consider the colors above to pick the best color for your office walls that helps set the tone for your company. Just be sure to keep color saturation levels in mind, otherwise your attempts may be misguided.

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