8 Innovative Ways Contracting Companies Can Add Value To Their Business

If you are a home contractor, you are probably facing a lot of stiff competition. How do you bid new jobs, service your existing clients, generate contractor leads and promote your business all at the same time? It may feel like an impossible task. Here are some easy ways you can add value to your business by drawing in more customers.

Expand Your Current Offerings

Offer home protection plans with each contract. Even if your company has an unblemished reputation, your clients will feel reassured about your work if you offer a home protection plan with each of your contracts. These plans are affordable and act as an underline to your already guaranteed work.

A home buyer’s warranty covers every part of the house. From the doorbell to the furnace. From the water heater to the stove. A home buyer’s warranty will cover every system, switch, faucet, appliance, and pipe. Your customers can be assured that even if a minor repair is needed, they won’t have to spend their Saturdays at the home improvement store searching for parts. That’s the kind of guarantee that makes every homeowner happy.

Manage Customer Reviews

The value of your business depends on your company’s reputation. A highly-rated company enjoys more clients and is worth more money. Make sure your customers’ complaints and reviews are heard by asking for feedback from your customers. With this tactic, you can use even the worst Google reviews to your advantage. Consider having a follow-up appointment with each of your major clients a week after the project is complete. During your meeting, check-in with the customer to see if the work was completed satisfactorily.

Follow up with any complaint and fix any problems before the customer turns to online review sites. It’s challenging to recover from poor online reviews. You may feel like your schedule is already packed, but taking special care of clients will be worthwhile in the end.

Update Your Google Business Page

Add value to your business by making sure local customers can find you easily. It’s amazing how many contractors don’t take the time to update their Google business page. Make sure your company’s contact information is listed accurately. Also consider hiring a strategist to analyze the keywords that you need to use in your page description. You want customers in your town to find you whether they Google “bathroom repairs” or “wood floor refinishing.”

Create How-To Videos For Projects

Offer one of your customers a discount for allowing you to film some of their renovations or building projects. Create a series of videos and post them on your company’s YouTube channel. Not only will you show future customers that you have the skills necessary to complete their jobs, but you will also gain more attention to your social media pages and company website. Find an employee who is camera-ready and will present your company in its best light. Perhaps that person is you.

Volunteer In Your Community

Skilled volunteers are always needed at Habitat for Humanity. Pay your employees for an afternoon working for this worthwhile organization. Not only will you help members of your community, but you will also promote your company.

Continuously Add To Your Network

Contractors can’t be passive, shy wallflowers. They have to be willing to approach new people. They have to be ready to sell their services at all times, and they need to connect with other leaders in their communities.  That’s why you should join your area’s chamber of commerce. Join networking clubs. Use the best networking tips during club meetings. Attend city council meetings and introduce yourself to your town’s mayor. Even though your online presence is essential, many people ask for word-of-mouth recommendations when choosing a contractor to repair, renovate, or build a project.

Write A Blog

Using the research completed by your social media expert, write a blog using strategic keywords. If you don’t have time, hire a freelance writer to complete the project for you. This is an incredibly affordable strategy to increase your online presence and assist your customers in finding your company.

Hire Quality Employees

Moreover, the most important thing you can do to add value to your business is to find the best employees in your industry. Treat them as professionals and thank them regularly. Offer surprise perks periodically when the troops seem frustrated, and increase their pay as your business grows.

Your business is only as good as your employees are. No matter how many home warranties you buy for your clients or how many YouTube videos you post, your customers will only offer repeat business when your employees do a good job.

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