5 Corporate Travel Safety Tips To Protect Employees

Employee travel can only increase business opportunities with proper corporate travel safety procedures. As a business owner, you send employees out for various reasons. Local business travel allows businesses to become more remotely prominent. Furthermore, the possibilities overseas are endless for all industries. A business owner can successfully start a franchise overseas with the right strategies. Unfortunately, risk accompanies these opportunities. It is your duty as an employer to provide effective safety training for your employees. Read on to discover the top corporate travel safety tips to protect employees.

Encourage Necessary Vaccinations

One effective corporate travel safety tip that all employers should practice is encouraging necessary vaccinations. If employees do not receive the proper vaccines when traveling abroad, their risk of becoming ill increases. Some employees may not be aware of the health-related danger they put themselves in by not getting necessary vaccinations. Explain potential risks to them during travel safety training. While you cannot physically force them to pay their doctor a visit and get a vaccination, you can ensure that they know why they should take initiative. Protect your workers’ health status to the best of your ability by following this corporate travel safety tip.

Avoid Booking Ground Floor Hotel Rooms

Hotel room booking is another corporate travel safety concern. Hotel room locations matter more than many employers think. Those located on the ground floor are easily accessible from the outside. Windows at the ground level allow for inappropriate conduct to take place. Always try to avoid booking hotel rooms on the ground floor to guarantee employees optimal privacy. If only ground floor rooms are available, request rooms with windows that face into the interior of the hotel. Then, you will increase your workers’ corporate travel safety.

Provide Portable Door Security Devices

To ensure security in any hotel room, supply your workers with portable door security devices. Such devices allow employees to keep unwanted visitors from entering their rooms. A door jammer keeps even those with keys from entering a room. Plus, door jammers are TSA friendly. Therefore, your employees can still get through airport security quickly. Upon gifting these devices to your employees during training, show them how to apply them to doors. In doing so, you will improve your corporate travel safety policy and protect employees. Furthermore, you decrease the likelihood of employees obtaining the “I hate business travel” mentality by providing security.

Research Local Laws And Customs

Another corporate travel safety tip worth implementing is to research local laws and customs. Employees traveling overseas enter very different cultures with varying rules and regulations. For instance, some countries frown upon drinking alcohol. Others find conversing with the opposite gender in public inappropriate. Educate your employees on their destination’s local laws and customs to keep them from running into trouble abroad. By using this tip, your employees can travel without breaking any laws or harming your company’s reputation.

Establish Points of Contact

Additionally, employers should establish points of contact throughout each worker’s travel itinerary. Since employees traveling for business typically have a packed schedule that they have to stick to, their locations are constantly changing. Because of this, keeping track of them and their safety can be difficult if you do not have a plan. Require employees to contact you in one way or another at different times during their days abroad. Designate times to video conference throughout employee trips. In doing so, you can recognize any problems in a timely manner. If an employee does not respond to a scheduled video call, you can take steps to determine if there is an issue. Hence, you can optimize employee protection with this corporate travel safety tip.

In order to achieve goals through business travel, you need to guarantee your employees’ safety. Inform them on appropriate vaccinations for traveling abroad. Book hotel rooms that offer maximum privacy. Supply employees with portable door security devices to use in their hotel rooms. Research each destination’s local laws and customs to keep employees from breaking any laws or bringing embarrassment to your business. Finally, establish points of contact throughout each worker’s itinerary so you can easily recognize any safety issues. The above corporate travel safety tips are the best for protecting employees during their business ventures.

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