5 Digital Performance Marketing Channels Every Brand Needs

Companies in various industries use digital performance marketing to increase their ROI. They pay marketing agencies after a certain action is made. In the past, companies paid marketing agencies upfront. Agencies did not rely on the quality or success of the advertisements they generated. Companies simply hired digital agencies because they knew that they would improve their online presence. Today, marketing professionals like yourself work harder to increase leads, clicks and sales. After all, that is how you get paid for your performance marketing services. In order to maintain a positive cash flow, you need to use the best channels. Read on to learn the top digital performance marketing channels your brand needs.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular digital performance marketing channels. To take advantage of this option, meet with publishers interested in performance marketing. Inquire about what it is they are looking to achieve through your partnership. Once you agree to achieving a certain goal, such as driving traffic, you can consider yourself an affiliate marketer. Then, agree to your means of receiving commission. Many affiliate marketers receive payment when a sale is made. However, some companies pay affiliates each time a consumer clicks on their ad. If you produce quality advertisements, you can earn a high profit from this digital performance marketing channel.

Display Advertising

You can also yield a good income through display advertising. This digital performance marketing channel requires graphic design expertise. Marketers design ads and structure them throughout websites. They place them within content. If the content engages readers and the ads are relevant, they perform well. These ads typically consist of special offers, new products or services and sales. Display advertising assists companies in reaching more consumers online. By doing so, they increase traffic on their own sites. If done well, marketers can increase their daily page views through display advertising. For this reason, it is a great digital performance marketing channel.

Social Media Advertising

Also, consider using social media advertising as a digital performance marketing channel. Since consumers spend a decent amount of time on social media every day, this option opens many doors to marketers. Moreover, there are multiple social media platforms to choose from. Some offer special advertising features that boost performance marketing outcomes. For instance, Facebook allows businesses to use Facebook Ads for their promotions. Instagram also has promotional features that marketing professionals utilize when developing digital performance marketing strategies. Keep these highly useful options in mind when doing so yourself.

Email Marketing

Successful marketing professionals take advantage of email marketing when creating digital performance marketing strategies as well. As an experienced marketer, you have likely used email marketing tactics for various campaigns in the past. Many marketers invest in video email software and develop email campaigns regularly. However, you may not have considered how useful they can be for performance marketing. Consider how marketers use display advertising on websites. You can use the same techniques in emails. Continue to generate quality, personal emails for your target audience. Place ads in between paragraphs. Try to make them as relevant as possible. If you can achieve this, you will increase your clicks and sales. Therefore, you will optimize your work as a digital performance marketer and earn more capital in the process.

Search Engine Advertising

In addition to the above digital performance marketing channels, use search engine advertising. Popular search engines like Google work with marketing professionals to increase click rates. In turn, they boost companies’ sales and assist in generating higher incomes for advertisers. Search engine advertisements appear when consumers search for related topics on search engines. If you work for a dentist office in New York City, you can have an ad appear on Google each time a consumer searches “dentist New York City”. Google places their advertisements at the top of their pages to assist marketers in gaining more clicks and sales. Take advantage of this powerful digital performance marketing channel.

If you want to increase your value and cash flow as a marketer, you need to use the top digital performance marketing channels. Many marketers implement affiliate marketing techniques to boost their profits. Display advertising offers marketers tons of opportunities as well. Since consumers spend more and more time on social media every day, it also poses as a great performance marketing option. Use email marketing campaigns to reach target audiences and raise sales. Lastly, the power of search engine advertising appeals to most companies and advances marketers’ commissions. Include these effective digital performance marketing channels in your strategies.

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