Email Alternatives To Send Your Colleagues and Clients in 2021

There are several alternatives to sending emails to your colleagues and clients in 2021. Email has long been a primary form of communication between colleagues and clients. However, there are plenty of new channels, each with their own innovative capabilities. As a small business owner, implementing these new alternatives helps to build stronger relationships, enhance your communication, and keep in touch with important clients. With so many powerful solutions to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To help you get started, read on to learn about email alternatives to send your colleagues and clients in 2021.

Text Or Message Them

First, by using sms or other messaging platforms, you can encourage communication with your colleagues. Text messages make communications immediately available to your clients and colleagues. In addition, messaging platforms can also be used to create group chats. These chats welcome multiple users at once and allow for conversation between them. In fact, you can leverage these capabilities as text recruiting tools. Additionally, these services often allow for audio and video calls as well. Even more, many solutions support group audio and video calls. This method of communication is significantly faster than email correspondence. Starting a group message with your colleagues can help build relationships with one another and ensure that you all stay in touch. Utilizing a messaging platform is a great alternative to email in 2021.

Send A Digital Greeting Card

Additionally, sending digital greeting cards is a unique alternative to regular emails in 2021. Digital greeting cards can be created for any occasion. For example, holidays, birthdays, and even work milestones are only a few occasions greeting cards can be sent for. You can include audio and video in your digital greeting card as well. To let your clients and colleagues know you’re thinking about them, don’t hesitate to send them a digital greeting card. Taking the time to create a beautiful and unique greeting card will mean a lot to your colleague or client. Implementing this practice as an alternative to email in 2021 will make you stand out significantly.

Interact On Social Media

Next, reaching out on social media is an effective way to connect with clients and coworkers in 2021. Whether you love social media or hate it, many of your clients are active on various platforms. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can send your clients messages and posts. Take the time to friend, like or comment on your clients’ and colleagues’ posts. Send them a thoughtful note or useful piece of information. Of course, there is a chance that your interaction could go viral as they share with their friends. Additionally, a social connection is much more personal than traditional email. Plus, it gives you another opportunity to keep in touch. Social media also offers recruitment avenues. In fact, its a large part of a practical guide to small business recruitment.  Certainly, you can foster new relationships or maintain existing ones by communicating on social media.

Send Virtual Invitations

In addition, sending a colleague or client a virtual invitation is a unique alternative to email communication. With this method, you can invite your colleagues and clients to in-person or virtual events to foster relationships with them. By sending an invitation, you’re setting up a meeting without being too insistent on it. This email alternative won’t appear to coworkers or clients as a marketing or sales attempt. In fact, you can give recipients the option to meet at different times so they can choose what works best for them. Utilizing this email alternative is essential for communicating with colleagues and clients in 2021.

Encourage Reviews

Lastly, encouraging reviews of your business will prove to be more useful than sending emails. These reviews will bring traffic to your website, store, or even social media profiles. Reviews can serve as a first impression of your organization. They make your business appear more impressive. Learn how Google reviews work, then create posts on these websites and social media platforms requesting users to review you and your products. This will further increase the amount of communication you have with your clients and colleagues. Encouraging users to write reviews is a unique alternative to sending out emails.

The methods of communication described above are effective alternatives to email. In 2021, emails are described as generic and a far too common way to reach out. Many emails go unread or aren’t responded to. Your email is often a drop in the bucket for users who receive numerous emails every day. Communicating with colleagues has been made easier with messaging platforms. With users, maintaining a social media presence and encouraging them to review you will create an influx of traffic. Sending invitations and digital greeting cards have been shown to be effective with both colleagues and clients. In addition, a virtual or in-person meeting with a colleague or client is an effective way of reaching out to them. These methods of communication are crucial alternatives to email in 2021.

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