5 Text Recruiting Tools To Hire Top Talent Quickly

Human resources professionals spend a lot of time and energy recruiting. For this reason, companies have developed text recruiting software that expedites the entire process. As an HR professional, you struggle to find the best candidates before competing companies do. Many professionals in your position waste time finding top talent only to discover that they took jobs elsewhere. Fortunately, you can utilize the latest tools to target the right candidates and hire them too. Continue reading to discover the top text recruiting tools to hire top talent quickly.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is ones of the best text recruiting tools for hiring the best candidates fast. Many software systems offer chatbots for recruitment purposes. You can use this tool to avoid wasting time sending out messages yourself. Instead, your chatbot can do it for you. Simply automate messages for your bot to send out to candidates. Customize the tone of the texts to properly emulate your brand. If you work for a tech startup, determine an effective voice to reach react native talent. Consider your target candidates to choose the best tone. In doing so, you will attract the top talent that you reach out to with this effective text recruiting tool.

Desktop Accessibility

Many HR professionals succeed in hiring the top talent with a desktop accessibility text recruiting tool. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer to answer messages themselves rather than leave it up to artificial intelligence. With a desktop accessibility tool, you never miss a text. If you do not use your cell phone at work, you can answer text messages right from your laptop. Many professionals who can use their cell phones in the workspace, still find this option more convenient. You can switch from task to task efficiently because everything is located on one device. For this reason, consider all that this text recruiting tool can offer you.

Location Filters

Another text recruiting tool that benefits HR professionals is location filters. Many HR managers struggle to find quality candidates within their area. Numerous applications come in from candidates that do not live near your location whatsoever. They mass apply to jobs on popular job posting platforms. Because of this common phenomena, you waste time reaching out to candidates who do not want to drive to your location on a daily basis. To avoid putting time into disinterested candidates, find a software system that offers a location filter. With this feature, you only contact candidates who live within your area. Thus, you find the best prospects in a shorter amount of time with this text recruiting tool. Use it to find the best people in the large talent pool.

Keyword Triggers

You can excel in your recruiting process with keyword triggers in text recruiting software as well. This tool allows you to select certain words that trigger respond text messages. If you recruit for a construction business, applicants may ask you questions about the engineering opportunities. If this is a topic that candidates frequently ask about, automate a keyword trigger for it. In doing so, candidates who send text messages with the word “engineering” in them will receive information about the engineering opportunities available. Furthermore, the messages send without you having to touch a button. This can word with any phrase from “home based jobs” to “accountant”. Keyword triggers expedite the process of explaining different roles, making this a great text recruiting tool.

Message Scheduling

Lastly, many HR professionals value message scheduling text recruiting tools. Think of this feature as you would email marketing. When marketers launch email campaigns, they schedule emails to be sent out at certain times. After all, consumers do not want to receive product updates in the middle of the night. The same is true for recruiting. Candidates do not want to be woken up by your text messages. However, you may not have the time to manually send texts out at a decent hour. With a message scheduling text recruiting tool, you do not have to worry about it. Simply write out a text and schedule it to be sent out during a reasonable hour. Then, you will find the best candidates quickly.

Put an end to long hours of recruiting by investing in the top texting software. One of the best tools is artificial intelligence because chatbots perform time-consuming tasks for HR professionals. With a desktop accessibility tool, you can save time switching from device to device. Location filters narrow down candidates to those most accessible. Keyword triggers provide candidates with information in a timely manner. Finally, message scheduling allows HR professionals to reach out to applicants at reasonable times. Find a software system that offers all of these text recruiting tools so that you can hire top talent quickly.

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