5 Productivity Tracking Tool Features To Improve Performance

At one point or another, every business struggles with maintaining employee productivity. It can be difficult to track employees without help from modern technology. Fortunately, managers like yourself can use employee productivity tracking tools to improve company methods. When managers enhance productivity monitoring, they also enhance employees’ work quality. However, it can be a struggle to determine which tool is the best. To make a good decision, you need to recognize the most advantageous features. In this post, you will discover the best employee productivity tracking tool features.

History Playback

Firstly, look for an employee productivity tracking tool that offers a history playback feature. With this feature, you can watch what employees did during work hours after they have left the office. Use this feature under circumstances in which you feel that an employee did not get as much work done as they should have. If you use the history playback feature of your monitoring tool, you might find that they spent an hour of their work day shopping online. You can confront that employee about the issue instantaneously. With a history playback feature, you can eliminate wrongdoings right when they begin. Then, your team’s productivity can prosper.

Screen Capture

Another employee productivity tracking feature worth investing in is screen capture. If you pay for a tool that offers this feature, you can keep track of remote workers seamlessly. As long as your remote employees use your company software, you can obtain a screen capture of their screens. Although they are not working next to you in the office alongside other employees, you can still monitor their screen usage during work hours. If a remote worker is late sending in their assignment, you can check to see what they are working on. The screen capture feature significantly improves productivity tracking for remote workers. Combine it with advanced company dashboard tools, and you will upgrade your project management.

Email Monitoring

With the notion of screen time in mind, consider how advantageous an email monitoring feature is for productivity tracking. Tools that provide email monitoring allow managers to track time spent sending and reading emails. Furthermore, software systems with this feature assist you in settling disputes as well. If an employee states that a co-worker harassed them via email, you have the power to determine the truth. Managers who notice a trend of internal disputes should consider making easy fixes to improve their working environment. Email monitoring enhances employee productivity and employee safety, which is a win-win for managers.

Meeting/Call Time Tracking

Since unnecessary meetings take up time, having a meeting/call time tracking feature benefits productivity tracking. As a manager with access to this feature, you can look into how long each employee spends on their calls. More so, you can view who was involved in the call. Use this insight to determine when meetings go longer than needed. When an employee spends an hour discussing an easy-to-solve problem with a co-worker, you will notice it. If they do it again with the same co-worker, you can see the pattern and act on the issue. The feature of monitoring meeting/call times assists managers in maintaining a productive work environment.

Application Categorizing

In addition to the above employee productivity tracking tool features, look for an application categorizing feature. Software systems that have the ability to categorize apps take managers’ monitoring abilities to the next level. With such a system, you can decrease the amount of time you spend on employee monitoring. As a result, you boost your own productivity levels along with your team’s. This feature allows systems to place the applications employees use into two categories: productive and non-productive. Systems use this categorization to calculate how productive employees are each day. Thus, the feature enhances managerial productivity tracking.

You no longer need to struggle with employee productivity tracking. Look for a tool with a history playback feature to put an end to bad behavior as soon as it starts. A screen capture feature allows managers to better monitor remote employees in particular. Email monitoring is crucial for both tracking productivity and maintaining safety. A meeting/call time tracking tool assists managers in recognizing negative patterns. Lastly, application categorizing saves managers time to be more productive as well. Now, your team can succeed with these top employee productivity tracking tool features.

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