Low-Cost Internet Marketing Strategies For Small Business Advertising


Small businesses boast better customer service and fairer pricing than their larger competitors. However, they often lag behind big corporations in terms of name recognition. These businesses lack the resources necessary to run big marketing campaigns. In situations like this, small businesses can turn to the internet for assistance. Online marketing tools are cost-effective and easy to use. If you are a business owner in need of digital marketing strategies, take a look through this post. Here are the top internet marketing strategies for small businesses.

Get Published On Blogs

Internet blogs are always looking for new content. Reaching out to one can be a great way to market your business. Simply organize something that might be of interest to a certain blog’s audience. Introduce a new product or write about a relevant event in your industry. Local blogs will accept your content as compensation, so you do not need to worry about expenses. Make sure to engage readers when you write for a blog that gets plenty of traffic from your target audience. This will help to narrow your content down to potential customers. Getting published on a blog is cheap and highly effective. This makes it a great internet marketing strategy for small businesses.

Run A Website

Every modern business has its own website. They are useful tools for relaying your company’s information. The key to utilizing a website effectively is to procure a steady stream of traffic. You can opt to hire an SEO specialist, but this may cost quite a bit of money. Instead, you can incorporate cheaper methods for SEO optimization like keywording and linking. You can also network with other businesses in relevant fields. Link exchanges and guest-posting are great ways to increase exposure. Running a website can cost money. However, there are ways to do this without breaking the bank. A lot of business run Facebook pages which are free to create but have a cost for Facebook ads. You can host them on free web platforms like WordPress, as well. Business websites are incredibly versatile tools and an indispensable internet marketing strategy.

Make YouTube Videos

One of the most lucrative internet marketing strategies you can take advantage of is making YouTube videos. This is referred to as video content marketing. YouTube has over 800 million visitors a month that you can gain access to by creating a video for your business. Do not just make a video of your product or organization without any preparation. To make marketing videos that get views and shares, make sure to research related keywords to create your title. Also, make sure the video has an identifiable editorial purpose or message. Then, make sure your marketing video includes a call to action, like visiting your business website or subscribing to your business YouTube channel. Record on your phone and edit using free video editing software for an effective, low cost internet marketing tactic.

Social Media

Internet users spend a majority of their time on social media. This makes it an ideal tool for marketing if you follow these social media tips. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms get an incredible amount of traffic and are free to use. There are several ways you can take advantage of these platforms. For example, you can use Twitter to link your website. You can also respond to tweets from relevant companies and share your information as well. LinkedIn is specifically designed for business networking. You can use it to connect with fellow business owners who can assist you in advertising your products. There are seemingly endless ways in which to use social media marketing for your business. Social media is a vital part of any successful internet marketing campaign.


Email is not particularly useful for gaining new customers. It is however, great at retaining current ones. You can send weekly newsletters to keep connected to loyal customers. These newsletters can inform them about new products or changes in your company. You can even use email lists to send surveys to your customers. This provides the added benefit of allowing you to conduct your own customer research. There are many services that specialize in curating contact lists and marketing emails. However, you can also choose to use free email platforms that get the job done adequately. Email is a great internet marketing strategy for advertising new products to existing customers.

There are a plethora of options for marketing on the internet. You can publish content on your own website or have it posted on a blog. Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn offer tools that can help you connect with people across the globe. If you want to focus more on your current clientele, you can use email to keep in touch with them. Whatever your needs are, the internet has you covered. Utilize the internet marketing strategies in this post. Your business will increase its exposure and become more profitable.

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