5 Fundamental Sales Strategies To Implement During COVID-19

There are several fundamental sales strategies to implement during COVID-19. According to recent studies, over 60% of small businesses have reported a decrease in revenue since the COVID-19 outbreak. To deal with this cash flow reduction, it is essential to target your sales tactics using digital sales funnels to meet these unprecedented conditions. As a sales professional, you need to know about successful sales approaches to maintain business and grow your customer base through the pandemic. Read on to discover the most important fundamental sales strategies to implement during COVID-19.

Focus On Your Current Customers

First, you should stay focused on your current customers who are still with you despite the current economic conditions. Ideally, you should continue to create services and ad campaigns targeted to their needs. In addition, some sales experts recommend issuing refund to clients who had prepaid memberships or were in auto-pay programs during the lockdown period. While this may appear to hurt your immediate cash flow for the short-term, the money you give back can multiply once the economy re stabilizes and your loyal customers are ready to re-enroll. Of course, always check with your customers about their specific preferences before issuing any refunds. By looking out for your current customers, you can improve customer loyalty to grow your profits into the long-term.

Adapt Client Interactions

Next, another fundamental COVID-19 sales strategy is to adapt your client interactions. Naturally, many businesses moved their sales interactions to video conference, phone, and email at the onset of the pandemic. Importantly, you can use these platforms to improve and sustain your sales experience by identifying unique opportunities for your clients. For example, one consumer packaged goods company created an interactive customer forum aimed to reveal trends their clients can take advantage of. Other companies have produced corporate videos for their clients to help them think through the implications to new problems they face. Many businesses are also providing live Q&A webinars to give potential customers a chance to interact with their company. Absolutely, adapting your client interactions is a great way to demonstrate that you are there for your customers.

Implement A Sales Training Program

In addition, you should also implement a sales training program to prepare your team during COVID-19. According to recent studies, organizations who implemented a sales training program found about an 8% increase in the number of representatives who met their quotas. Notably, many companies hire a third-party sales training program provider to create custom sales workshops for their business. Typically, these include certified sale training instructors, videos, and customized practice scenarios. Many sales training program providers also walk your employees through group exercises and role play practice to help build confidence when dealing with various clients. For the best results, look for a provider who offers monthly sales training, so you can keep your team up-to-date on the most effective practices. Certainly, implement a sales training program to improve your staffs’ results during the pandemic.

Boost Social Media Presence

Moreover, it is critical to boost your social media presence during COVID-19. Importantly, marketing and sales professionals have increased their investment in social media budgets to stay engaged with their customers through the pandemic. To boost your online social presence, you market through Instagram influencers who target your customers’ demographic and try to think about what their most pressing needs are. Then, look for new opportunities to meet those needs through engaging content. For example, you might make video content from an internal expert. In addition, you can make calls for user-generated content, such as photos or videos of them using your product. This is a great way to boost your customer engagement rate and promote your brand. Definitely, boost your social media presence with new targeted content to increase engagement.

Find In-Person Demand Generation Alternatives

Furthermore, another effective sales strategy for the pandemic is to find in-person generation alternatives. For example, some technology companies offer free trials on their products and services to support the surge of remote workers. Other companies are launching community support initiatives. Notably, one talent recruitment business created a platform to connect individuals who have lost their jobs with companies hiring during the pandemic. By finding these alternative to in-person events, you can continue to increase your sales during COVID-19.

There are several fundamental sales strategies to implement during COVID-19. First, focus on your current customer needs to establish long-term brand loyalty. Next, adapt your client interactions to the digital landscape to keep your customers connected. In addition, you should implement a sales training programs to keep your staff up-to-date on the best practices. Moreover, it is critical to boost your social media presence with engaging content as well. Furthermore, find in-person demand generation alternatives to continue to boost sales. Implements these fundamental sales strategies during COVID-19.

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