5 Secrets To Geofence Marketing Campaigns Success

Businesses of all sizes implement geofence marketing tactics into their marketing strategies. As a marketing professional, you need to learn how to properly use such tactics if you want to beat out your biggest competitors. Geofencing entails targeting consumers within a virtual barrier. After establishing this barrier, you can reach out to consumers who enter it through text messages, emails and app notifications. Since consumers receive these notifications on their mobile devices, they can take immediate action to find your store location and purchase products. In order to optimize your location-based marketing efforts, read on and learn the top secrets to geofence marketing campaigns success.

Personalization Attracts Users

Firstly, personalization features attract users in geofence marketing campaigns. The best feature to include is the ability to opt in or out. Allow consumers to alter their settings at any time. If they know that they can opt in for the moment, but turn off their location services later on, they are more likely to opt in. They will feel more at ease and likely grow to trust your brand. In contrast, when consumers cannot change their opt-in status, they typically feel like they are being tracked without their permission. If you want to earn consumers’ trust and boost your sales, provide them with personalization options in your geofence marketing campaigns.

Timing Is Still Important

Another beneficial geofence marketing campaigns secret to keep in mind is that timing is still important. Many marketers assume that timing is irrelevant when launching geofencing campaigns because location plays the biggest role. While the “where” is the most crucial part of a geofence marketing campaign, you also need to pay attention to the “when”. If a vegan association holds a conference and a local vegan food company launches a geofencing campaign, they will likely sell more of their products than they would during a regular week with the same campaign. Choose impactful times to launch your geofence marketing campaigns if you want to receive the best results. Learn what is public relations to improve your marketing strategies even more.

Geo-Conquesting Persuades Consumers

Marketing professionals who use geo-conquesting in their campaigns reach their goals as well. This strategy involves reaching prospective customers by targeting competitors. It is especially useful for brands that need to establish a new customer base because they are in the middle of relocating their businesses. Geo-conquest your competitors’ offline stores. In doing so, your target audience will receive your notifications when they are either in or near your competitors’ storefronts. If they like what they see, they will choose to visit your store instead. Since geo-conquesting persuades customers to leave their current destination for yours, it is a great geofence marketing secret to take advantage of.

Small Geofencing Areas Perform Better

Furthermore, small geofencing areas perform better than larger ones. The most successful campaigns create virtual barriers within a five minute travel radius. With this travel radius, storefronts located in cities can reach a large amount of consumers walking by. At the same time, a business in a more rural area can reach ample consumers driving near their location. If you want to reach out to consumers who would actually consider visiting your store, you need to keep your geofence marketing barriers small.

Monitoring Popular Brands Is Advantageous

In addition to the above geofence marketing secrets, monitoring popular brands is also advantageous. Marketers in various industries assume that only big companies boost their ROIs with advertising techniques like geofencing. Contrary to this popular belief, smaller businesses who mimic larger companies’ geofencing strategies yield high profits as well. If you want to improve your geofencing outcomes, monitor larger brands’ tactics and incorporate them into your own strategies. Then, you will launch successful geofence marketing campaigns.

Businesses excelling the most in their local markets use geofence marketing. They also implement resource marketing strategies to add to their already-beneficial geofence marketing tactics. To optimize your geofencing campaigns, give your consumers the opttion to opt-in or opt-out at any time. While you do need to create virtual barriers in relevant locations, you also need to launch campaigns at appropriate times. Use geo-conquesting to target consumers when they are near your competitors’ storefronts. Smaller geofencing areas perform better than larger ones, so keep your barrier within 5 minutes of your location. Monitor popular brands and implement the same tactics that they use. Use these geofence marketing secrets to earn a higher ROI.

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