6 Ways To Get Noticed On Instagram For Business Growth

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, and over 500 million active daily users. What used to be an app for sunbathers on the beach is now a huge marketing tool. When companies use the top Instagram marketing tactics, they build larger customer bases. Simultaneously, they promote their brand image through several media forms. Marketing professionals write paragraphs of content that speak to their brands. You can also post images and videos that showcase your company’s style.

If you need to grow your brand and your Shopify for Instagram, it is time to focus on defining your target audience, which undoubtedly also includes thousands or even millions of Instagram users. Instagram is a multi-layered marketing tool just waiting for you to unlock its potential with the right call to action.

Not only can you get noticed on Instagram, but you can use your business social media profile to define and grow your own brand in the process. Of course, your time is precious and you need to do more than just get noticed on Instagram, you need to build a dedicated base that you can convert into sales. The following list can help you build an Instagram campaign that will get you noticed and build a solid brand presence.

Define Your Brand Image

Instagram is all about building an image, so you need to do more than post a collection of photos that relate to your brand. You want to create an artistic vision for your brand with posts that easily identify your product or service. The goal is to make your posts instantly recognizable even if the browser isn’t looking at profile names.

Choose only lifestyle shoots or always use a certain filter or a certain point of view for all of your photos. Tell the story of your brand and show your target audience the type of lifestyle your average customer lives. Make it a story they want to take part in to optimize your Instagram business.

Tag Your Products

Tagging business products is still relatively new, but it is a valuable Instagram tool for savvy social marketers. When you tag a product you create a concise call-to-action that makes it simple for consumers to purchase your product or service. The setup process is so straight-forward, even an Instagram beginner can handle it.

Follow the following steps to setup product tags properly.

  • Open your Facebook business page and set up a shop section
  • Connect your shop section to your Instagram and add products
  • Wait for Instagram to approve your request (usually takes a few days)
  • Post an image, select ‘tag a product’ and then select the correct tag

Remember to write a good caption, without proper attention to your social copy, you might end up losing opportunities.

Save Time With Hashtags

Like most social media platforms, it is easy to get lost in the details while crafting posts. Save yourself some time and stick to hashtags to identify your product. Clever hashtags not only help you attract new customers, but informative ones allow your content to rank in search results.

Create common small business hashtag notes based on your frequently posted images and then simply review them each time you post. By having a handy cheat sheet of hashtags available you save time and build a following of people who keep an eye on what’s trending.

Partner Up With Instagram Businesses

As a plethora of game shows have proven, people will do just about anything for free stuff. Capitalize on that fact by offering a contest or giveaway alongside other similar Shopify for Instagram businesses.

Make entry simple by requiring interested users to follow both business accounts for a free entry. Most people will do anything for free, earning you high-quality followers within your target niche. The trick is to choose a business that is not a direct competitor but exists within a similar marketplace to enhance the conversion rate of your new followers.

Follow The Rule of Thirds

It can be tempting to post when the inspiration hits, but it makes better business sense to save these posts and then follow the rules of third when determining what actually goes live. The rules of thirds define three different types of Instagram posts:

  • Conversational Posts- These posts engage your audience and encourage them to comment and join in the conversation. Giveaways, contests, open-ended questions like ‘what would you do?’ posts all fall into this category.
  • Promotional Posts- These posts clearly highlight your products, brand, or company.
  • Sharing Posts- As implied, these are the shared posts you pass on that pertain to your industry or target audience.

Finding the right balance between these three posting styles keeps your followers engaged and focused on your brand. The most effective Shopify on Instagram brands offers their followers a daily assortment of all three.

Utilize A Cross-Platform Approach

Instagram is a massive social media tool for new businesses, but so is Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There is no reason to narrow your exposure to just Instagram. Re-purpose your daily posts and use the same material on other social media platforms. This saves you time and helps you widen your reach across the web.

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