5 Features Of HIPAA Compliant Healthcare CRM And Medical Marketing Platforms

HIPAA compliant healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) and medical marketing platforms offer a lot of powerful features. These innovative digital solutions help healthcare practices support advertising teams, strengthen customer service, and establish effective communication processes. Ultimately, they give medical companies all the features they need for advanced, robust firm promotion. As a healthcare organization owner yourself, you should know what these advanced business technologies have to offer. This way, you can start growing your company with the right resources, tools, and solutions in-place. Read on to learn about the powerful features of HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM and medical marketing platforms.

Patient Data Management

First and foremost, many of the latest healthcare CRM and marketing platforms offer powerful patient data management functionality. These platforms give you access to an organized, centralized patient dashboard. Within this database, you can easily access all patient information – including contact details, insurance methods, clinical data, and recent diagnostics. Specialized tools for medical companies can additionally contain a list of active medications and previous treatment methods. Also, these portals offer a convenient, safe database of medical templates and forms. Certainly, HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM platforms offer powerful patient data management features.

Direct Email Marketing

In addition, use healthcare and medical CRM to optimize your business email marketing operations. These features make it easy to reach out to patients, leads, and other customer segments. Send convenient direct emails to patients for appointment reminders, symptom check-in, or initial greeting. You can also use these features to distribute important forms – such as welcome packets and family medical history documents. Surely, look for direct email marketing features in your HIPAA compliant medical CRM.

Sales And Marketing Automation

Also, think about using HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM for sales and marketing automation. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), automated features replace repetitive, manual, time-consuming, and tedious responsibilities. These features make all your promotional campaigns far more effective. In this regard, these powerful software features replace paper processes and minimize human error. This way, you can allocate more resources to mission-critical business objectives – like management, problem-solving, mission, and strategy. Indeed, your HIPAA compliant CRM platform should offer sales and marketing automation capabilities.

Daily Communication

Some advanced medical and healthcare CRM even offer specialized communication features. CRM makes it easy to keep in touch with patients, lead prospects, and former contacts. Use streamlined communication features to send out screening reminders, feedback surveys, and post-discharge follow-ups. You can also send a welcome message prior to somebody’s first session with you. Or, get fun and send out annual birthday cards. Absolutely, look for healthcare and medical CRM with powerful communication features.

Referrals Monitoring And Tracking

Plus, use the top healthcare and medical CRM platforms for referral monitoring and tracking. Referred patients are some of the highest-quality leads your practice can obtain. Customer relationship management software gives you the ability to securely store, track, and manage lead data – in accordance with HIPAA requirements. In addition, these tools can automatically assign a score to every patient lead entered. This is directly based on contact data available, geographic location, service required, and acquisition channel. Definitely, install healthcare or medical CRM with referrals monitoring functionality.

There are several powerful CRM software features for healthcare practices and medical companies. One of the most central, universal features to every application is patient data management. In addition, many of the top customer relationship management platforms support direct email marketing. They also enable you to automate sales and marketing activities. Plus, you can optimize daily communication directly from this program. Some specialized tools even offer advanced referral monitoring and tracking capabilities. Follow the points above to learn about the powerful features of HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM and medical marketing platforms.

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