5 Criteria The Best Hosting Space Providers Must Have

Hosting space is a sector of the internet with a myriad of service providers to compare. All provide varying levels of features, performance, and price ranges. As a business owner, it is important to look at several providers in order to compare the different types of hosting plans. This way, you can determine the best hosting space provider for your business. Read on to discover the criteria the best hosting space providers must have.


Technical specifications such as bandwidth are one criteria of the best hosting spaces. If you are expecting high traffic volumes and you have many pages on your website, you need high amounts of bandwidth. There are three factors that can help you determine the amount of bandwidth you need. First is the number of pages on your website. Second is the size of those pages, which is heavily affected by the presence of images and other multimedia modalities. Third is the amount of expected traffic. Certainly, getting the right website traffic for your business can affect your plans and goals. Take these aspects into account to determine your bandwidth needs, and further determine which hosting space provider is best for your business. Of course, bandwidth is a criteria shared by the best hosting space providers.


Cost is a second criteria of the best hosting space providers. Many hosting spaces tout low prices at less than $5 per month. However, many tend to be deceiving in this practice, as they require you to sign a yearly or longer contract. Consider whether signing one of these contracts is a prudent financial decision for your business. If not, you may need to seek out some discounts or sacrifice a feature or two of the hosting space. Absolutely, pricing is a very important criteria of the best web hosting providers.

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is an additional criteria met by the best hosting providers. Consider whether a provider offers 24/7 customer support, as you never know when your website will go down. Things go wrong at inconvenient times pretty often. In addition, many providers who tout 24/7 technical support are stretching the truth. Test this with your provider by contacting them with questions at strange times, like late at night or early on weekend mornings. Surely, enhancing the customer service experience dramatically is a standard provided by superior web hosts.


Security is a huge consideration for any business on the internet, therefore it is another criteria met by hosting space providers. The average small business website was attacked by hackers dozens of times per day in the second quarter of 2018. These businesses have limited resources to fend off these attacks, as they are small. Therefore, a robust security package including updates, patches, and active security protocols is imperative when comparing web hosts. Indubitably, security is one of the most important criteria met by the best web hosting providers.


Scalability of your website is the final criteria of the best hosting spaces. You should be wary of any hosting package that offers multiple frameworks and scripting languages. Packages made in this way have many workaround configurations and security holes as a result of getting these technologies to work together on one system. Scripts running in environments like this often require code modifications in order to work on the server. Therefore, if you ever need to switch hosts, none of your scripts will work on the new server and you will have to rebuild your website from scratch. Certainly, the scalability of your provider is an important criteria for them to meet.

The internet is vast, and contains many web hosting service providers with different features and costs. One criteria met by the best of these providers is the amount of bandwidth they allocate to you. Another is the cost of hosting your website. A third is how robust their customer and technical support systems are. Security and protection from cyberattacks is perhaps the most important criteria to consider. Finally, the scalability of your web content is another imperative criteria. When searching for a web hosting space provider, consider ones with the above criteria as the best.

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