5 Different Types Of Hosting Plans For Businesses

There are many different types of hosting plans and packages. Since every business is different, hosting companies have differentiated themselves by providing various services that companies need. If you are a business owner, you might be wondering why there are so many different hosting plans. To help you find out the best hosting plans for your business, we have covered the types of hosting packages available to business below.

Shared Hosting Plans

Firstly, the most common web hosting plan is called shared hosting. These packages are great for a simple company website that business owners need for a small business. They typically range anywhere from $8.00-$15.00 per month. These prices keep your start up costs low and allow you to have a web presence. However, the shared costs means that your website might be a little slower because you share resources with other websites. If you are in need of a simple web hosting solution, a shared plan might be the best low cost option for you.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Plans

A virtual private server, known as a VPS, offers better performance and reliability for your website. Typically, the server is limited to one or two dozen accounts that share space on the server. Unlike a shared hosting account, the server resources are divided with a set amount available to each account. Therefore, if you hit your maximum allocated RAM memory or storage, your site might go down while others on the server remain unaffected. This situation works in reverse too, giving your website less chances of being impacted by anyone else’s activities. To access the additional resources at 1&1, you may have to pay a higher price. Typically, if you are planning to run you business online or attract a lot of traffic, you should consider a VPS type of hosting plan.

Dedicated Type of Hosting Plans

Naturally, if your business needs even more resources, you might choose to buy a different type of hosting plan. The dedicated server plan gives your business full control over the server without restrictions on resource usage. You can choose to sign up for dedicated hosting that has a managed or self managed option. Businesses who need to customize configurations, run scripts or test deployments would probably choose a dedicated server to run very high system utilization processes. Additionally, a properly administered server could improve security for a business. If you have a need for high system resources or additional security precautions, then you may want to check out a dedicated hosting plan.

WordPress Hosting

After going through the different types of hosting plans, you can check out specialized hosting packages. WordPress hosting plans are becoming very popular since many small businesses are running on the wordpress platform. The hosting environment is optimized for wordpress performance. They tweak server settings to maximize robust usage, caching and memory. If you are looking for something in between shared hosting and VPS hosting, this managed hosting plan might be the perfect match in terms of price and performance.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Of course, cloud hosting plans have changed the industry overall. This is one of the most different hosting plans because your website can get served from a cluster of servers rather than one server. There are many performance and security benefits to hosting your website in the cloud. As the prices continue to come down, the cloud allows your website to be served from multiple geographic locations. Moreover, there is a lower chance of your site going down as versions are saved in multiple points on the cloud. If you find the right deal, this type of hosting plan could be perfect for your business.

Find the right hosting plan can be challenging. The many different types of hosting plans make the process confusing. However, this guide should give you an overview of your shared, VPS and dedicated hosting packages. Then, you can also check out a platform managed hosting plan or cloud hosting provider to get even more value for your business website. Depending on the needs of your business, choose one of the types of hosting plans that meet your requirements while staying within your budget too.

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