How To Create Ads That Stand Out On Crowded Social Media Platforms

Learning how to create ads on social media can seem overwhelming. There are so many different applications to choose from like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest. All of those applications are quite different from one another. Despite those differences, as a marketing professional, your main goal will be to sell whatever you’re advertising regardless of the application you choose. Here, you will read about how to create ads that sell on social media.

Identify Your Audience

Before creating an ad to post to social media, you must first identify your audience. This is especially important, because the success of your social media ads depends on the responses you receive from your audience. If you don’t have a clear audience, you are less likely to get a clear, positive response. You may not even get much of a response at all. After all, you would talk different and market differently to business travelers than you would stay-at-home dads. Choosing your audience wisely based on your company and customers will help you to create an ad that sells on social media.

Target Your Audience

Since your audience is such an important factor in creating successful social media ads, targeting your audience is essential. After identifying whom you should be reaching out to with your ad, you should focus on targeting them. Research potential audience members. They may be groups, other businesses and marketing professionals, or individuals interested in what your business offers. Use all forms of social media to discover characteristics about your audience members. Finding common vocabulary, humor, and interests is essential to properly targeting and engaging with them. It’s, therefore, essential for a successful social media ad.

Utilize Text Options

Social media applications always offer an option to add text to whatever it is you’re posting. Most people using social media are doing so on their cell phones, waiting for their take-out to be ready or sitting on the train on their way home from work. They’re usually quickly scrolling through their timelines. With that being said, they’re typically not looking to read long paragraphs of text. Social media does, after all, rely mostly on pictures. If your picture is able to catch your audience’s eye, your text must be relatively short and sweet. Call your audience to action. Lead them to your website. Do this with a concise caption in order to sell your ad on social media.

Be Creative

Being creative is a driving factor when it comes to social media, even for mortgage brokers. As said earlier, most people browsing through social media are doing just that: browsing. They’re scrolling mindlessly down their timelines, only stopping when they see something that jumps out at them. Make sure your ad stands out among the rest. In order to keep your creativity flowing, make sure that you’re constantly changing up your ads. If an ad looks super familiar to a browser, they’re likely to continue scrolling. Social media platforms are great tools for selling advertisements, but they won’t sell if they’re repetitive.

Note What Works

It’s important to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Although repetitiveness is not a great quality, keeping certain aspects that continuously perform well could be beneficial. If your audience continuously responds well to certain phrases or specific categories of media (humorous photos, media-related photos, inspiration quotes, etc.), it would be a good idea to continue implementing them. You can do so while making other changes to keep your posts fresh and interesting. Paying attention to the elements of your ads that bring a lot of engagement would really help them to thrive on social media.

Creating ads that sell on social media doesn’t have to be as strenuous as you may have thought. After all, there are reasons for email marketing, social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing. You can actually use the same main points to advertise on all social media platforms. Identifying your audience is always the first step so that you can get a clear, positive response. Targeting your identified audience through research is crucial. Providing clear, concise text within your ads is a selling point because it is your chance to really persuade your audience to take a closer look at your business. Keeping your social media advertisements up-to-date and fresh is a major success factor. Noting what works is a major component to finding success as well. Following the above points will help you to create social media ads that sell.

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