Most Effective Quick Wins To Improve Business Performance Right Away


Business owners should strive to improve their business throughout its life cycle, but sometimes you need a quick win for your business process right now. Quick wins are things that improve the business immediately and are highly visible. They are often low cost, low risk and very easy to implement. If you want to impress both your customers and your employees, consider these top 5 quick wins for business owners.

Call One Customer, Once A Day

It’s easy to get caught up in paperwork and be glued to the desk all day. Take ten minutes out of your day to make a phone call to a customer for a quick win. This could be a follow up call to make sure a recent purchase is going well. It could be a friendly chat to see if they have any upcoming projects for you, as well. The key is, keep the tone light and friendly. Do not push for a sale. However, if it comes about organically let it happen. The human interaction will make you feel good. It will also help the potential for repeat business skyrocket. If you need a quick win, call one customer a day. Just make sure not to call the same one too often.

Change A Rule That Is Not Working

Do you have a company policy that employees hate? How about a refund policy that is always argued by customers? Take a moment to think about why the policy always comes up as an issue. Is the refund policy perhaps outdated compared to your competition? If so, get rid of it! Do you have a dress code that forbids current fashion attire? Change it! If you are in business, an unspoken rule is to make your customers and employees happy. For your employees, this will make them much more likely to work as a team effectively. Sometimes policies need to be reevaluated and if appropriate, changed for the better. This is a great example of a highly noticeable quick win that will make you, your employees, and your customers immediately happy.

Start Automating Processes

One quick win that will have a positive impact on your business for years to come is making the transition to automation by using document management systems. Automating a business process, like filing documents, is very visible to your employees and is extremely simple to implement. Paperwork filing is a great start for business process automation. Auto filing documents is a quick win. All you have to do is configure software to auto file and auto name documents. This will save time and reduce errors, which leads to an increased ROI for business. If you want a quick win, try automating filing practices at your business.

Create A Social Media Presence

As a business owner, you should already have a personal social media presence and one for your business. Follow some of these quick social media tips. It is an inexpensive way to strengthen your brand. It also provides an avenue to reach many customers. If you already have a Facebook page, diversify! Create a Twitter handle or an Instagram account. Make sure you link your social media so your customers and employees can easily share your content. Most importantly, tell people about your social media. Bring it up in conversation, add signage to your location, encourage people to follow you by offering prizes. This is a quick win that can have long lasting results, but be sure to maintain your social media presence weekly or even daily, if possible.


If you are a retail space, there are a lot of quick wins that involve a little reorganization. Change your front end display to highlight a new product. Swap your end-cap displays around. Mix things up a bit. Ask your employees for opinions on what could be moved based on what is selling and what is not. Your customers will notice as soon as they enter the store, and may be motivated to buy reorganized items. If you do not have a sales floor, change something in your office. Move your desk to the other side of the room. Buy a plant. These are small, easy changes that your employees will notice and talk about. You might also feel better about being stuck under all that office paper in your reorganized space. The key here for a quick win on the sales floor or the office is to keep it simple and avoid overcrowding.

Tell A Story That Highlights Your Values

As a business owner, your personal values should be a foundation for the business values. If you need a quick win, share these values. Tell an employee a story about how your values helped you get through a tough decision in the early days of the company. Write a short newsletter talking about the business values. Then, be sure to share it on your social media. Get involved in a community event that aligns with your values. It is one thing to talk about values, but people love to see it in action. If you need a quick win, share your values with customers and employees.

You might be focused on a large sales goal or be considering a multinational merger. However it is important not to forget about quick wins. If you need to boost the mood for yourself, your employees or your customers, do one small thing. It does not need to be expensive. However, it should be visible. When you need a quick win, pick one from this post and go for it!

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