How To Build A Top Tier Influencer Relationship Management Strategy

There are several important steps to build a top tier influencer relationship management strategy. When you are starting  business and your marketing programs grow, companies must spend time managing influencer relationships. Typically, proactive companies establish efficient processes to avoid restrictions on growth. As a manager, you should know the importance of relationships with your marketing partners, influencers, and affiliates. Maximize your social media marketing budget by managing your influencers carefully. Read on to learn how to build a top tier influencer relationship management strategy.

Choose To Pursue Influencer Relationships With A Relevant Audience

To begin, choose which influencer relationships as part of your management strategy. Develop relationships with influencers who have an audience primed for your service or product. Almost half of influencers claim the most important factor in choosing a partner is audience relevance. Similarly, nearly 50% of marketing influencers report they tend to develop continuing relationships if the partner shares a mutual audience.  A relevant audience makes an influencer’s job easier and your results more efficient. This is how resource marketing works. Surely, pursue relationships with influencers who have relevant audiences to establish a top-tier management strategy.

Formulate A Contract For Your Influencer Relationship

Next, formulate a contract with the influencer to develop a sustainable relationship and management strategy. Many brand-influencer relationships quickly decay without a straightforward contractual agreement. Avoid wasted time and keep your brand and the influencer on the same page from the beginning. If you’re just getting started, you may want to spend extra time or money to ensure your contract is complete. Obtain a third party like a lawyer to review your contract and consider your needs. Of course, draft a well-thought out contract for your influencer relationship management process.

Pick An Influencer Management Platform To Manage The Relationships

To continue, pick an online platform to manage your influencer relationships. Seek out an influencer management tool to replace cumbersome spreadsheets as you scale your relationships. Learn about the different features platforms offer when deciding on which to use. There are free and paid options on many influencer relationship management platforms. Some platforms offer databases filled with influencers. Determine your needs based on how many influencer relationships you’re managing. Also, choose a platform with a powerful built-in analytics tool. This functionality can give you a strong idea of how influencer relationships impact your marketing department. Definitely, select a powerful platform to launch a winning influencer management strategy.

Communicate Your Needs Clearly

At this point, communicate your needs clearly to manage influencer relationships strategically. Influencers get frustrated if they feel they meet expectations, only to get complaints from their customers. Communicate before, during, and after a project is created. In addition, you should obtain metrics from your relationship management platform to set appropriate and finite goals. Educate the influencers on brand voice to avoid any potential miscommunications. In short, communicate your needs clearly to launch an influencer relationship management strategy for sustainability.

Give Creative Freedom For Your Influencer

Further, provide influencers creative freedom to launch and simplify your relationship management model. Give influencers creative freedom to generate the best results. Since influencers have built a following of their own, they have an unmatched ability to communicate with their following. Count on influencers to provide a platform for your brand — matched with an expert knowledge of your target audience. Let your marketing partners take the reigns to avoid frustrating them and restricting ad success. Simply, provide creative freedom to launch a healthy and beneficial influencer relationship management approach.


There are several important steps to build a top tier influencer relationship management strategy. First, be discerning about the relationships you want to develop to maximize your ad effectiveness. Second, formulate a contract to ensure clear legal guidelines for you and your influencer. Next, select an influencer relationship platform. Following, communicate your needs clearly to avoid influencers wasting time. Then, give your partners creative freedom to speak to your audience in a voice they already know and love. Follow these steps to build a top tier influencer relationship strategy.

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