How To Navigate The Challenges Of Starting A Business If Disabled

Starting a new business is challenging under any circumstance, but what if you are coping with a disability as well? You can still achieve your goals as an entrepreneur with a disability. However, you do need to be prepared to overcome struggles specific to your situation. You need to navigate common business challenges as well as struggles related to your personal situation. Read this post to learn how to navigate these challenges if disabled.

Unique View On A Range Of Customers

One thing you’ll be able to bring to the table is your experience. You already have a point-of-view as a customer who may need a little extra in terms of service. You will know how much it can leave a customer fuming and ruin the whole experience if you are left without the provisions you require. Many business owners need to become aware of this by learning and training themselves to be able to better serve disabled customers, but you won’t need to go through this process. Use your POV to your advantage when starting up a business.

Use Your Knowledge To Your Advantage

So what to do with this knowledge? You don’t have to run a business that is specifically orientated towards a disability industry sector, such as in assistive technology. However, you’d have a great inside track if you did. If you do not want to pursue a venture in the disability industry sector, consider bringing your knowledge into other sectors. Be accessible to all of your customers, including people with disabilities. Many entrepreneurs add access ramps outside their brick-and-mortar locations. Others build handicap accessible restrooms. You can even design your website to be user-friendly for disabled consumers. Consider these options to use your knowledge to your advantage.

Be Aware Of Financial Assistance Available

In many states and areas there are financial assistance schemes for those looking to start businesses and some are available to those individuals who qualify as disabled. It can take a lot of work to put together a funding application though and some even involve an interview process so it’s a good idea to learn how to do this, and there’s a lot of help available out there for this one. If you are on any kind of financial assistance do be aware of con artists as SSA phone scams are becoming more common these days.

Use Your Staff Well

You will be aware of what areas you need assistance in and it’s important to staff your business accordingly. If your disability limits your ability to use a computer for long periods, hire workers to conduct IT tasks. Many disabled entrepreneurs hire drivers to transport them to business meetings. Some use staffing agencies to find the best candidates for positions. Determine which types of employees you need to hire based on your situation. Then, you can launch your new business successfully and maintain it well.

Don’t Be Held Back

So overall, the message here has to be don’t be held back by any condition. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and even by having the confidence to start a new business you have shown that you have the drive and confidence to do this. So, take that energy and make sure you don’t let it slip!

Entrepreneurs with disabilities thrive in their chosen industries. However, they need to overcome specific challenges first. To navigate challenges, use your unique point-of-view to serve all customers equally. Put your knowledge to use as well. Moreover, take advantage of the financial services available. Use your staff wisely and do not get held back. Follow these steps to successfully start a business if disabled.

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