5 Initiatives Of The Best Healthy Snack Companies Making A Difference

Healthy snack companies have been at the forefront of America’s obsession with food consumption. In fact, the snack industry in North America is worth over $124 billion, according to Nielsen. This dramatic shift has been caused by a 67% increase in American snacking frequency, making various snack companies incredibly profitable. Specifically, healthy snacking companies are offering an alternative to traditional snacks. Certainly, healthy snacks for office meetings have become a staple in many companies. For business executives in the snack food industry, here are the major initiatives of the best healthy snack companies making a difference.

Niche Foods And Experiences

O ne initiative taken by healthy snack companies is offering niche foods and experiences local consumers would not otherwise encounter. For example, clients receive an assortment of international cuisines without the need to travel to a restaurant. Alternatively, consumers could be sent music to listen to while they munch, or an alcoholic beverage to pair with their snacks. Clients will love these experiences because they are not paying restaurant prices for them, either. Surely, niche foods and experiences are a great initiative taken by snacking companies.

Charitable Mission

Dictating a charitable mission statement is another initiative taken by many healthy snack companies. While a small business’s social impact can vary greatly, think about one that means something to you. Examples include focusing on locally sourced ingredients, helping underprivileged youth, and donating to food banks. Additionally, consider seeking out fair-trade opportunities and paying your ingredient farmers more than retail price. Consumers will be much more likely to purchase from a company caring about their hardest workers as well as championing the cause they agree with. They like to see that their money is going towards a good greater than just the company. Absolutely, describing a charitable mission statement is an incredible initiative for healthy snack companies to take.

Packaging Considerations

Considering the packaging of their products is a third initiative taken by healthy snack companies. A good example of one consideration is the images, usually of fields, farms, or produce, found on the package. These images serve as unconscious cues that these foods are full of healthy properties. Similarly, an unconscious cue occurs with brown paper or otherwise eco-friendly packaging. In both cases, it is the packaging that encourages the customer to make a purchase. This demonstrates how strongly packaging affects a consumer’s purchasing decision, and therefore, your profits. Of course, making packaging considerations is a great initiative for increasing profits.

Dietary Needs

Taking consumers’ dietary needs into account is an additional initiative many healthy snack companies are taking. Think about which diets are trending currently, and tailor your company’s offerings to adhere to those diets. Paleo, keto, and gluten-free lifestyles are all the rage, but require niche products and specific cooking methods. Offering snacks that adhere to some of these diets will mitigate some of those needs. As a result, your products make it easier for consumers to stay on their diets. Moreover, your clients will have reduced risks of heart disease and diabetes. Showing your consumers’ the wellness benefits of your brand will keep them loyal to your brand for longer. Of course, that increases profits over time. Assuredly, using dietary needs is an initiative that will ensure your healthy snack company’s continued profitability.

Business Considerations

Considering how nutritious nourishment can help businesses is the final initiative the best healthy snack companies are taking. Businesses tend to have more capital than individual consumers, so thinking about ways to help them is a great financial decision. There is a myriad of benefits to serving healthy snacks within businesses, including improved employee health and reduced medical claims. Another is that 90% of business leaders say that employee wellness has a huge impact on performance. This will keep those in charge happy with your products. An additional demonstration is that 77% of employees cite health and wellness programs as positive work culture impacts. Hence, snacking product keep business morale at a higher level. Indubitably, considering the needs of businesses is an awesome initiative for increasing profits as well as retaining clients.

The best healthy snack companies take many initiatives that help drive profits and market share growth. One such initiative is to offer niche foods and experiences that consumers get in restaurants, at home. Another is to state a charitable mission for your healthy snacking company, as consumers will gladly spend on causes they agree with. Additionally, making considerations on the packaging of your products will subconsciously make them more inviting to consumers. Taking their diets into account is another initiative for keeping clients over time. Finally, business to business sales are an initiative that will go a long way in both client retention and driving profits. Consider the initiatives described above when thinking about how to reach goals with your healthy snack company.

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