5 Strategies That Instagram Gain Followers For Marketing Your Business Online

As a growing business, the importance of social media platforms as marketing tools cannot be overstated. If you’re wondering does Instagram gain followers, it can be a handy tool to expand your online reach and gain more of an audience. If you are searching for ways to gain followers on your Instagram page, there are several methods that marketers can utilize. Knowing some tips regarding how to use it most effectively will greatly benefit you and your business. Read on to learn the best strategies on Instagram to gain followers.

Use Strategic Hashtags

Strategic hashtags are an effective way to gain Instagram followers. While posting interesting content is important, you will want to reach the most people you can with each post. Using hashtags will allow others who search specific terms to see your content. You will want to keep up with trending hashtags and find ways to use them within the captions of posts to engage as many users as possible. There is a catch: though using the most popular hashtags will garner more short-term attention with likes and comments, using relevant hashtags is of utmost importance for long-term engagement and finding new clients. If you are having trouble identifying topics, you can utilize hashtag analytics tools for social media marketing to greatly simplify the process. Make sure to strategically use hashtags if you want to get the most engagement and gain followers for your IG page.

Promote Your Account On Other Social Networks

To get more Instagram followers, you should promote your page through any other social media platforms. This makes it easy for those who already support your business on those platforms to find your account and follow you. You can make it as simple as linking your account, or give people an incentive to visit by offering coupons, advertising Instagram-exclusive events, or more. It is also important for you to have content on your page before promoting your account. Have a few posts up so that new visitors will be able to get a feel for your business and content. You may also want to look into paid advertising to boost your posts on Instagram. Using other social networks to advertise your Instagram account will get you noticed to a greater degree.

Explore Influencer Marketing Opportunities

Instagram is a large platform, so it is likely you’ll find many influencer accounts related to your business that have a large following. Finding accounts with at least 20,000 users is recommended. From there, you can simply contact the accounts’ owners and ask about their Sponsored Posts rates. Rates tend to be affordable, and you’ll be able to plug your business and get a detailed review from someone with an established following. Influencer marketing will expose your business to a large number of people and help you gain followers quickly.

Co-Sponsor An Instagram Contest

You may want to partner with another Instagram user within your niche for a contest. Consider your business target audience and the prize. For these types of contests, make sure entrants must follow both accounts to be counted. Doing this will ensure both parties benefit from submissions. Photo contests work well for advertising. For instance, you could have people post a photo of your product and a hashtag of your choosing that will advertise your brand. The people who submit these will not only make the hashtag grow, but will be promoting your business to their own followers. Co-sponsoring an Instagram contest is a great way to grow your follower account and get more involved with other businesses.

Maintain A Regular Content Calendar

Keeping to a regular posting schedule is crucial to gaining and keeping followers. Though it is suggested that you do not post more than a few times a day to avoid spamming your followers’ feeds, you must consistently post. You may want to do some research on the best times to post for optimal engagement. Sticking to a schedule will help your followers get to know your brand and keep you relevant. Maintaining a regular content calendar will promote your content as well as give a consistent experience to those who already follow you.

There are a few tactics you can use to gain Instagram followers. Using strategic hashtags will get your content seen by many. Utilizing other social networks to promote your Instagram page will allow those who already follow your brand to find your page more easily. Exploring influencer marketing opportunities can let your business grow through other people in your niche. Co-sponsoring an Instagram contest is another great way to get involved with other businesses and grow both of your follower counts. Lastly, make sure you regularly post and keep a consistent schedule to keep your followers engaged and promote your social media content more efficiently. Use any of these tricks to gain followers on your Instagram page.

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