6 Types Of Management Leadership Training Programs

All business owners wish for good managers, but once in a while we find something better – a leader. A leader will not only manage the daily operations of a business and have strong negotiation skills, but will also inspire your employees to live the company values and go above and beyond. We are not always lucky enough to find natural born leaders. However, we can train our managers to lead. Here are the top options for business owners looking for management leadership training.

In-House Training

Most manager training is done on the job in the form of in-house training. This top-down approach is an acceptable option for management leadership training. It allows the business owner to customize the training for the specific role, industry and person involved. The financial investment is minimal. However, this form of management leadership training requires a leader that is willing to take time to do it. One drawback is that this approach is often a one-on-one, top-down structure offering one person’s perspective only. Some leaders are better than others. Your managers may benefit from training with multiple people. If you are looking to follow traditional training patterns and have specific leadership qualities in mind, in-house training is one option for management leadership training.

Training Technology

Technology, particularly the internet, has made many aspects of our jobs simpler. Employee training has long incorporated audio CDs, DVDs and online videos in corporations. Why not apply the same method to management leadership training? Webinars are forums where leaders can directly address their managers one-on-one or in groups. This is an excellent way to supplement traditional distance training programs. It requires preparation from training managers to develop the tools. However, overall it is a relatively inexpensive option. You can reach a lot of people in a short time with such a method. However, employee interaction and team building may be weak if the training is not reinforced in person. You may wish to consider webinars, audio CDs, DVDs and online videos for management leadership training. This is especially true if you have a large team and the ability to design such a program.

Live Seminars And Workshops

If you prefer to send your managers out of the office for management leadership training, you may wish to consider live seminars and workshops. The beauty of these events is that they are often hosted by leading professionals from a variety of industries. You may even be able to book something with a top performer in your field. Live business seminars are typically somewhat lecture oriented. However, many may include supplemental workshops offering hands-on group work. These can be a little expensive, but many managers find this method rewarding. It provides them a chance to escape the typical work environment and shows the company is willing to invest money in their staff. If you can afford it, think about sending your potential leaders to a live seminar or workshop for their management leadership training.


Hiring a consultant is a way to combine in-house training with a live seminar for management leadership training. You hire a professional leadership consultant to meet with the business owner or the executive leadership team. In these in-person and online meetings you can detail exactly what it is you are looking for from your team and customize the training sessions. This can be expensive, but it is an excellent form of management leadership training because it is thorough. It is also excellent because all levels of the business can be involved. If you can afford this option, you may want to consider it. This is especially true if you have significant leadership concerns that require hands-on training from an outside source.

Formal Academic Training

Business schools offer management leadership training in a formal academic setting. This type of management leadership training may be in the form of workshops at the local college or a full graduate degree. These programs are time consuming and require a significant investment from the business owner. The advantage of these programs is that they generally involve all of the best parts of each method discussed in this post. Professors are often experts in their field such as supply chain logistics management and classes are conducted with group participation in mind. In addition, there is significant oversight to ensure all parties are learning accordingly. If your business is highly specialized and you can afford this option, you may wish to consider formal academic management leadership training.

Dale Carnegie Training

One such option for formal leadership training programs for managers is offered by Dale Carnegie Training. In this company’s leadership training program, managers learn how to build effective coaching techniques, master problem analysis and decision making, effectively communicate change, strengthen listening skills and recognize team success with enthusiasm. In addition, this program teaches the 8-step delegation process for managers, which greatly improves management skills overall. If you can afford to send your managers to a formal training program like the one offered by Dale Carnegie or similar, it is definitely a worthwhile option to consider.

Team Building Activities

The attribute of leadership can be developed through team building exercises. The skills of working with a team and all the people around them is what makes a leader great. In order to hone those management leadership skills, team building activities offer as a training opportunity to build relationships and learn about others. It offers a new environment to establish trust, resolve conflicts and work together. You can try various types of team building activities like blindfold challenges, back-to-back drawings and life highlights. As managers get to know their team better, they will improve their overall management leadership training on a personal level.

Depending on the size of your business and the industry in which you are involved, some of the management leadership training options listed here may be more suitable than others. A small company that makes decent money may wish to send their managers to seminars for leadership training. Large corporations will probably use a combination of in-house training and technology (webinars, videos, etc). All methods have success within a variety of businesses, but not all options are equal. Be sure to consider these options when looking at the types of leadership training available to you.

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