5 Ideas To Keep Your Business Feed Fresh When Marketing On Social Media

To keep your feed fresh when marketing on social media, you need the latest creative ideas. Fresh, quality social content is important to attract your audience. In addition, people will be excited to see what you post next. This increases their chances of engaging with your posts. As a marketing professional, you need solid unique social content strategies to boost your engagement rates and attract customers. Keep reading to discover several ideas to keep your business feed fresh when marketing on social media.

Go Live

To keep your business feed fresh, try going live on your social media accounts. According to a recent survey, nearly 80% of respondents prefer this real-time marketing technique over social media posts. You can use this knowledge to your advantage. For example, try hosting a live stream to talk with your audience in real-time. This helps connect your audience more than a traditional post. By personifying with your company, people are more likely to grow loyal to your brand. In this way, going live on your social accounts is a strong marketing idea to boost your engagement and keep your feed fresh.

Create A Weekly Event Series

In addition, you can also create weekly event series to keep your followers engaged. For instance, many major Twitter accounts host a weekly chat with a hashtag. This invites audiences to interact with your brand. It also gives them a channel for their voices to be heard. Surely, picking the brains of your audience members shows that you care about them by tapping into their thoughts and feelings. To get started with a weekly series, you simply need a branded hashtag, a regular session or post time, and promotional announcements leading up to digital events. You can use hashtag analytics tools to assess your series’ success. Create a weekly event series on social media to engage your followers and keep them interested in your feed.

Host A Sweepstakes

In addition, you can also host a sweepstakes to freshen up your social media marketing campaign. Running a sweepstakes is a great way to build your following fast and increase your brand awareness. Be sure to have simple entry procedures to easily attract audiences to your products. Ideally, your prize should be something related to your brand. Naturally, this lays the foundation for non-winners to become prospective business customers. Hosting a sweepstakes is another creative idea to update your your social media marketing campaign.

Share User-Generate Content

Moreover, another way to freshen up your social media marketing campaign is to share user-generated content. Sharing your fans and followers’ content is a great idea to build stronger relationships with your followers. According to studies, consumers trust content from the average person more than they do from brands. After all, this content shows followers that you are not the only one supporting your company’s initiatives. Consider re-posting a fan photo to engage your social media followers. Sharing user-generated content is an effective idea to add a new, more trustworthy element to your social advertising campaign.

Run An Account Takeover

Furthermore, you can also run an account takeover to keep followers engaged in your brand’s social pages. Like an influencer account takeover, this marketing idea allows another person to manage your social accounts for a regulated time period. This is a great option for B2B companies looking to boost their brand. When using this idea, it is crucial to select the right person to manage your accounts. Ideally, you should select someone within your industry that can offer a new perspective, support, your brand, and produce high-quality content. Run an account takeover to freshen up your social media pages and keep your followers tuned in.

There are several ideas to keep your business feed fresh when marketing on social media. For example, you can go live on your accounts to connect with your followers. In addition, you can also create a weekly event series and to regularly engage your audience. Moreover, host a sweepstakes to hook followers on your brand. You can also share user-generated content to boost brand trust and offer a new perspective. Furthermore, freshen your social media pages with an account takeover. Use these ideas to keep your business feed fresh when marketing on social media.

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