6 Marketing Strategies To Improve Your Sales During COVID

2020 has been a tough year for everyone and an especially tough year for anyone running a business. While the hardest part may have past, it is anything but smooth sailing ahead. Sales are down across the board, meaning any considerable loss in income will take a lot longer to recover. These circumstances mean your best bet at making a financial recovery is to run an effective marketing campaign that will increase your sales.

The problem is, what exactly can you do to create an effective marketing campaign? There is plenty of advice available online, but how can you separate good ideas from the bad? Well, this article aims to do precisely that by suggesting some ideas and strategies that you can use yourself or take inspiration from when creating your ideas. Let’s look at four marketing strategies to improve your sales.

Increased Social Media Presence

Social Media is the future of marketing. The number of sites and apps is steadily growing every day, and the amount of content produced for them is staggering. It would help if you made sure the eyes that are viewing these platforms are also viewing your business. You need to have a presence and a voice on the major sights and also place adverts on the sites that host your demographic most. If you are not especially tech-savvy, consider using the best social media posting tools to improve your marketing strategy. Making sure you’re known and not forgotten is more crucial than ever.

Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

How you are pricing your items can have a shocking effect on the sales of each item you offer. The price of each of your items is the first comparison a customer has available to them. If you wish to upsell them, you need to price effectively. If you want to improve pricing strategies, then following the advice and examples of other business is a great place to start.

Look For Your Customer’s Pain Points

The phrase ‘Pain Points’ sounds a little insidious at first, but what it means is how to empathise with your clients and customers. This year, in particular, has been tough and tailoring a marketing email so that it highlights what is most important to your customers is a great way to build a bond with them. When strategically planned, you can easily send marketing emails to engage customers for your small business. Whether you talk about their finances, boredom or need to treat themselves by making a connection, you are more likely to receive their business.

Use Data-Driven Marketing

To get the most out of the previous three strategies, you need to understand who your customers are and what they want. The best way to gain this insight is to follow the data you obtain with every interaction and use it to build a model that gives feedback to you. You can find examples online that show the benefits and effects of following the data.

Reassure Your Customers On Your Coronavirus Response Precautions

To remain competitive during the Coronavirus, you need to reassure your customers about your precautionary measures. Many consumers are incredibly concerned about purchasing goods during the pandemic. Stay relevant to your customers needs by keeping them informed about how you are responding. Inform customers of your safety and cleaning standards, altered services, and plans to operate throughout COVID-19. Consider using strong, dynamic visual to ensure that your customers clearly understand your priorities towards consumer and employee health and safety.

View Time As A Strategic Opportunity

In order to grow your business during COVID-19, you need to view this time as a strategic opportunity. With limited in-person visits, commuting, and business travel, you likely have more time to analyze your operational procedures. Look for key ways that you can fix your ineffective and unproductive internal processes. Implement internal communication and brainstorming platforms to identify areas of further improvement. At the same time, you should look for ways to improve your team members’ skillset. This way, you can emerge from the Coronavirus stronger than ever.

By implementing any of these five strategies, you should see a marked increase in your sales, or at least have an idea of how to run an effective marketing campaign that suits your business needs. Things are not going to get easier anytime soon, and there are still struggles ahead, but, with this information, your chances of succeeding increase. Finally, once you land new customers, you will want to create a great impression with clients.

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