5 Best Social Media Posting Tools To Increase Your ROI

Social media has become one of the most advantageous marketing tools. Marketing professionals use the best social media posting tools to establish an online presence quickly. The top platforms assist marketers in standing out on the most popular social media channels. As a marketing professional looking to boost your ROI without wasting a ton of time on one project, you need to utilize the top tools. Continue reading to discover the best social media posting tools to save time.

Mobile App

One of the best social media posting tools to save time is a mobile app. When marketers use platforms with this feature, they schedule content while they are on the go. You can create and schedule new posts while you are at home. You can edit already-scheduled posts while you are in line at your local coffee shop. Since ideas come to you randomly throughout the day, this feature is beneficial. You no longer have to miss out on great marketing opportunities because you cannot make it to the office to make improvements. Instead, you can upgrade your social media posts whenever you think of a brilliant idea. In turn, you will save time and increase sales. If you want to gain a better understanding of your sales progressions, consider investing in sales forecasting software. Then, you will achieve better insights to use to improve your social media campaigns.

Social Media Inbox

Another popular, best social media posting tool is the social media inbox. With this tool, marketing professionals can manage their interactions on every social media platform in the same place. This feature saves marketers time because they no longer have to transition between social media application to respond to consumers. You can answer questions and offer new information to boost your sales quickly and easily. If you want to keep up with your social engagement on channels ranging from Facebook to Twitter, you need this social media posting tool.

Content Recommendation Engine

Moreover, consider investing in a content recommendation engine tool. This is one of the best social media posting tools because it allows you to analyze your posts after you publish them. As a marketing professional, you are aware of the power marketing data analytics tools offer. With this one, you gain insight into which posts performed best. In addition, this tool provides marketers with content suggestions. It uses your results to determine which kinds of content would earn you more followers. You do not have to spend hours researching the best content to generate. Therefore, this is one of the best social media posting tools that saves you time.

Direct Scheduling

Although many marketers are already familiar with direct scheduling, they do not always invest in the top tool. The best social media posting tools let you schedule your posts over 30 days in advance right from the application. If you pay a monthly fee for an account that does not allow you to schedule your posts that far in advance, you will not be able to save nearly as much time. When you can create posts for an entire month at once, you can spend one day on the process. Then, you can invest more time in actually engaging with consumers and raising your sales through social media.

Mention Tracking

Finally, mention tracking is one of the best social media posting tools. If you purchase a platform with this feature, you can save time searching for consumers who tagged you in their posts. You can easily track your mentions, making it easy to perform analysis on how well your marketing campaigns are performing. When a surge in positive comments occur after your team launched a new campaign, you can conclude that it is effective. Additionally, if your mentions rise after your sales team implements new fresh sales ideas, you can deduce that they worked well. Hence, this tool saves you time and provides you with valuable insights.

Marketing professionals need to take advantage of the best social media posting tools in order to compete with other businesses in their industries. Look for platforms that offer mobile apps for convenient scheduling. Social media inboxes simplify the task of answering direct messages. Content recommendation engines use post analyses to provide marketers with content suggestions. Direct scheduling tools that allow you to schedule at least 30 days in advance save you time. Lastly, mention tracking tools make it easy to respond to posts that you are tagged in while also supplying you with beneficial insights. Use these best social media posting tools to increase your ROI.

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