How Membership Website Business Models Earn Owners Recurring Revenue

Building a membership website is a great way to earn recurring revenue on your own terms. Still, membership website business models are not well-understood by a majority of those in the business world. This is a fool’s mistake, as these digital businesses may soon be one of the best online business ideas to capitalize on. That is why they are proving to be one of the biggest business trends 2017. Learn all about membership website business structures and how they earn money in this post.

What Is A Membership Website?

A membership website is one where users pay for access to content or an online community. The content offered by these membership-only websites, as a rule, must be premium quality. Otherwise, no one will want to buy a membership. Oftentimes, these online membership websites are educational and offer educational content. This is not always the case, however. Online business models may vary, but membership sites all offer premium content or community to monthly subscribers.

Content Is Free

Producing content on your own is free. This is one of the most important factors as to why monthly subscription websites are such profitable business models. You are charging users for access to a product that cost you next to nothing to produce. The low-cost production aspect of online monthly subscription business models is one of the most important characteristics for anyone looking to break into the business.

All In VS. Drip Feed

Two of the most common subscription website business models are all-in subscription services and drip feed monthly subscriptions. An all-in subscription model allows subscribers access to all the available content immediately upon subscribing. These websites could also provide immediate access to all online sales, like those for businessmen jewelry or luxury clothing and accessories. Drip-feed online subscription models take a different approach. They stagger the amount of content that subscribers are allowed to access, providing new permissions and new content each month. Both of these online business structures have different benefits and disadvantages. It is important to understand the various ways that these business models can make you money.


Online classes are another popular subscription service available online. These membership website models allow users to pay to attend an online class. Some utilize an approach that affords subscribers access to a whole catalogue of course offerings for a monthly subscription fee. Online course subscriptions are one example of online educational businesses that use a monthly subscription business model. But clearly, monthly subscriptions for online courses are rife with possibilities of all different sorts for interested entrepreneurs.

Customer Relationships

Subscription-based business models allow many more opportunities to nurture customer relationships. This helps enhance customer loyalty if you do things right. Online subscription sites are presented with regular opportunities to communicate directly to and with customers. That makes it easier to foster long-term, meaningful consumer relationships. Clearly, this is another considerable advantage for these types of online business structures.

All members of the business community are starting to realize the potential in online membership website business models. That is why entrepreneurs should take time to learn up on the topic. Use this post to do so. This post covers some of the most important aspects of online subscription website businesses. Use it as a guide to help you decide whether you want to start an online subscription service business in the future. It may be one of the best ways for you to live your dream and finally profit from sports.

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