Five Businessmen Jewelry Fashion Trends Upcoming In Corporate

2017’s New York, Milan and London fashion weeks spotlight was defiantly on the men’s fashion, particularly, businessmen. It was bold, handsome and working well on the famous catwalks. Top of the trend list this year is men’s jewellery and it’s not just traditional corporate watches and cufflinks, this year has brought in men’s bracelets and earrings to the board room.

Men’s jewellery is one of the fastest-growing industries that keeps on infusing momentum. In this article, you will find this year’s hot trends for businessmen jewelry and advice on how to make each one work for you. So now you can learn the rules, and then decide which ones you want to break.

Silver or Gold Bracelets

The latest business style brought in a craze for signature bangles this summer. The bespoke jewellery trends are changing in this segment. They seem to be much more metallic than last year, but still suitable for everyday wear. Men’s bangles are perfect for special occasions and pair well with formal suits when working in the office.

The gold and silver colors are right on trend and it’s perfect because you can coordinate them with well with a range of different colors. Not to mention, CEO’s are now investing in silver bullion. They can be worn to work, client meetings, networking sessions and corporate events. This gives you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some bespoke jewellery and wear it every day.

Signature Personalized Cufflinks

Cufflinks have always been a significant part of every businessman’s jewellery collection, but this year is bringing in the detail. It’s all about the personalized cufflinks this year and the small features matter. Personalizing them with anything from letters to messages is the perfect way to stay on the corporate style trend.

You should be prepared for other business executives to notice these small details and be ready to give an explanation behind your personalized choice. It’s a great conversation starter and you can impress with your attention to detail and quality.

Delicate Styles

Through the past few years, we’ve seen a comeback of chunky chains for businessmen. However, the latest trend is avoiding anything chunky and opting for thin chains, subtle rings and delicate bracelets instead. This executive business style makes the pendant or the charm within the jewellery the most important feature.

This corporate style that is overtaking men’s fashion makes a statement without taking away any masculinity charm. Simple yet eye-catching is the goal here for a professional dress code. Although, it’s perfect for any occasion including formal or informal business dress codes.

Longer Earrings

Long and dangling earrings that are inspired by classic rock stars could be noticed on start up CEO’s this year and they made a bold statement. They work best with just one and it is definitely going to be a conversation starter.

The trick to pulling it off is wearing it casually. Put it in and then try and forget it is there. This way when someone asks about what is dangling from your ear you can just act ultra-low-key and say ‘this old thing? I don’t know, liked the style’.

Taking the trend from catwalk to real-life, it’s a good idea to save these for less formal corporate events that require a casual outfit. The trend is channeling a tough-yet-androgynous vibe, but don’t throw out the basic studs just yet, they are not going anywhere either.


Leather is making a comeback for summer 2017 within business fashion. The dark leather colors could be seen in the form of chokers, bracelets and even rings. The style can be worked with shirts, denim and even suits. More so, it’s speculated that the leather look is here to stay.

Embrace Nicknames

When wearing businessmen jewelry, you might get called some nicknames, especially in the costume jewelry business. In fact, there is an official nickname for a gilded age businessman. It’s called a “Diamond Jim” who wears great business fashion jewelry. Whether you decide to wear the latest jewelry trends or something that fits the Gilded Age, embrace the nicknames that come along with them. It will add to who you are in your business.

If you want to stay ahead of the trends of leather jewellery you need to be opting for big statement pieces as well as throwing in some brightly colored leather where possible. This look will make you stand out from the crowd and have a huge impact on your work outfit.

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