How To Start A Successful Non-Medical Home Care Business

There are several comprehensive steps to start a successful non-medical home care business. Many senior citizens want to remain in their family home as long as they can. As a result, savvy entrepreneurs like you are working to provide non-medical home care services that can help them age where they most desire. Fortunately, there are many modifications such as bathroom renovations for the elderly to stay in their home as long as possible. Often called pre-assisted living, non-medical home care providers help older people perform everyday living functions. This prevents them from ending up in a nursing home or the hospital. One of the biggest obstacles that you need to keep in mind is that seniors themselves are reluctant to acknowledge their needs and vulnerabilities. That’s why it’s important to be informed throughout the business startup process. Read on to learn about how to start a successful non-medical home care business.

Set Up A Business Entity

The first step to start your non-medical home care business is to set up a business entity. Ideally, you should consult an attorney, CPA, or online research sources to find the appropriate structure to meet your financial needs. Depending on your employees, sales tax, workers’ compensation, and liability insurance needs, you will likely set up a sole proprietorship, LLC, S corporation, or C corporation. Prior to setting up your entity, check to see if your state requires any licenses or certification for a non-medical home care agency. Once your entity is set up, you need to obtain your employee tax identification number (EIN) from the IRS. To do this, you can fill out form SS-4 online. This number is analogous to your personal social security number and helps you identify your business regarding tax liability. It is essential to set up a business entity before you can launch your non-medical home care company.

Establish Business Financial Systems

Once you have set up your business entity, you need to establish business financial systems for your non-medical home care agency. First, you will need to set up a business checking and credit card account. In addition, you should put digitized accounting, billing, and scheduling systems in place for your company. Ideally, you want about three months of operating money raised for your startup company. During this step, you should also determine your rates by factoring in your profitability needs and your business’ competition. You should also set up a payroll system for when you hire staff. It is essential to establish business financial systems to ensure your non-medical home care agency’s success.

Purchase Company Supplies And Hire Staff

After you have established business financial systems, you need to purchase company supplies for your non-medical home care agency. Luckily, there are not a ton of materials you need to have on-hand. However, there are a few essentials. First, make sure you have a reliable vehicle to get to and from your job locations as well as a cell phone to maintain communication with your customers. It’s a good idea to have business cards made up for your customers and a magnetic sign for your care. Both of these are small steps you can take to improve your brand awareness and get your name out there in the home care client base. You also should designate time to hiring qualified caregiving staff. It’s important to develop a process for resume scanning, interviews, and checking references. It is imperative to make sure you have these basic supplies and take great care hiring staff when starting your non-medical home care business.

Write Policies And Procedures

Next, you need to write policies and procedures to ensure that your non-medical home care business is a success. You are going to need a form for your customers to fill out detailing their contact information, payment information, and an emergency contact. Here, it might be good to leave space for them to outline their restrictions and needs as well. Furthermore, you need a policy document explaining what exact services your business can provide to the customer. It is clear to disclose that you are a non-medical company. You should also specify your hours of operation and your company’s philosophies or mission statement. Additionally, you will need a consent form for your clients as well. When launching your business, it is crucial to develop proper policies and procedures.

Market To The Appropriate Target Audience

Finally, you are ready to market your business to the appropriate target audience to build you customer base. You are going to want to target your advertising campaign towards older adults and adult children. Generally, this is the niche that tends to seek out at home care services. For your campaign, you should develop a website containing SEO content. This will increase traffic to your site to improve your company’s visibility. You should also consider using social media and email as a tool to get your business out there. Moreover, you can also create online flyer marketing campaigns. It is essential to market your non-medical home care business to the appropriate target audience to gain customers and profits.

There are several comprehensive steps to start a non-medical home care business. First, you need to set up a business entity. Next, establish your business financial systems. Then, purchase company supplies and hire reliable, caring staff. In addition, you need to write policies and procedures explaining what services your company provides. Finally, market to the appropriate target audience to grow your customer base. Consider the essential steps above to learn about how to successfully start a non-medical home health care business.

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