How To Start Renovating Bathrooms For Elderly Customers

Senior citizens and their families pay home remodeling businesses large sums to renovate their bathrooms. They take out hefty home renovation loans to pay for bathroom remodeling services. After all, renovating bathrooms for elderly is a difficult, time-consuming task that families cannot typically complete on their own. For this reason, entrepreneurs like yourself profit off of providing senior citizen bathroom renovation services. By adding these services, you can kick-start your home remodeling startup even faster. Continue reading to learn how to start renovating bathrooms for elderly.

Grab Bars

Firstly, learn how to install grab bars to begin renovating bathrooms for elderly. The installation process is relatively simple. The main concern is deciding where to place grab bars. Consider where a senior citizen might either slip or sit and have trouble getting up. Most elderly people prefer grab bars in their showers and next to their toilets since that is where they typically need support. However, ask your customers where they would like their grab bars to ensure that you satisfy all of their needs. Then, you will increase your startup profits through renovating bathrooms.

Appropriate Dimensions

Dimensions also matter when renovating bathrooms for elderly customers. They need wide door ways that can fit their wheelchairs comfortably. Seniors with wheelchairs also need extra room underneath their bathroom sinks. When their wheelchairs cannot fit comfortably, they stand up and risk falling. The best home renovation companies also apply a 5-foot turning radius rule to projects for senior citizens. That way, seniors can totally avoid having to get up out of their wheelchairs. Keep these appropriate dimensions in mind when renovating bathrooms for your startup.

Hand-Held Shower Head

Furthermore, hand-held shower heads are great tools to offer customers when renovating bathrooms. Adjustable shower heads provide most senior citizens with the assistance they need. However, hand-held shower heads decrease the chances of seniors getting hurt. Add a shower seat installation to your project outline and you will provide your customers with a fully functional, safe bathroom renovation. If you include a hand-held shower head in your shower alteration, your startup will stand out among the other home renovation businesses.

Non-Slip Flooring

Successful home renovation companies install non-slip flooring as well. Many senior citizens opt for non-slip mats for a cheaper, more immediate version of non-slip flooring. While the mats can work for some time, they are not as reliable as non-slip flooring. Therefore, you need to offer these services. Learn how to select and install flooring that prevents elderly people from slipping in and out of their wheelchairs. Seniors’ families will pay big bucks for quality floors that keep their loved ones safe. For this reason, offer customers non-slip flooring installation when you kick-off your renovating bathrooms business. At the same time, use construction safety precautions to keep yourself and your employees safe on the job.

Walk-In Tubs

Finally, add walk-in tub installation to your list of bathroom renovation services. In doing so, you will attract more elderly customers and, in turn, boost your sales. Similar to the other renovations on this list, walk-in tubs minimize the possibilities for seniors to hurt themselves while in the bathroom. Unlike normal tubs, walk-in ones do not require seniors to take large steps. Instead of having to walk over the side of a tub, they remain flat. They have doors to keep the water out rather than curtains. The doors also provide elderly people with an extra grab bar. Offer your senior customers walk-in tubs when renovating their bathrooms. You could open up more career opportunities if you provide customers with this additional service.

If you want to transform your home renovation startup into a profitable, popular company, you need to offer special services to senior citizens. Learn how to install grab bars around the bathroom. Familiarize yourself with the appropriate dimensions for those in wheelchairs and include them in your startup’s rule book. Hand-held shower heads increase the functionality for seniors. Non-slip flooring minimizes the chance of elderly people harming themselves. Lastly, walk-in tubs are more senior-safe than normal showers. Use these tips to begin renovating bathrooms for elderly the right way.

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