How To Attract Top Talent With A Professional Copywriting Job Description

Copywriters thrive in advertising and creative industries. Businesses in these industries need professional copywriting to brand their companies online. They hire HR professionals like yourself to write convincing job descriptions in hopes of attracting the top talent in their areas. They need professionals who can write copy for websites, emails and marketing materials. In order to find these professionals for companies, you need to utilize the top hiring manager recruitment tactics. Read this post to learn how to attract top talent with a professional copywriting job description.

State The Responsibilities

One of the most crucial elements of a professional copywriting job description is the responsibilities. After all, job seekers want to gain an understanding of what they are applying for before they take the time to submit their resume and fill out any accompanying forms. The typical responsibilities for this role include writing clear copy, conducting research and working on marketing projects with other creative professionals. State these responsibilities and any others that are specific to the hiring company at the top of the job description. That way, job seekers will see this section first and can determine their level of interest quickly. Take this first step to attract top talent with a professional copywriting job description.

List The Necessary Skills

Since the best candidates will have the right skill sets to complete the work listed under the responsibilities section, you need to include a skill section in your job description as well. Professionals can only learn copywriting if they have the correct skills in the first place. Include skills such as imaginative, interpersonal skills and grammar skills. Successful HR managers also add ability to work under pressure, work well in a team and detail-oriented in their required skills for copywriters. If you want to ensure that you select the best candidates to come in for interviews, take it a step further. Write in skills like self-motivated, maintaining a consistent brand voice and web markup experience. Then, you will create a great professional copywriting job description to find the best candidates.

Include A Sample Project Description

Additionally, include a sample project description in your professional copywriting job description. The sample project description should include a title, deliverables and skill requirements for the specific project. The deliverables section consists of what the project entails for the copywriter. This section in particular will give potential applicants an understanding of what their day-to-day life would look like while on the job. When you include this description in your overall job description, you will only receive applications from job seekers who believe that they can complete similar projects. Moreover, you will attract candidates who can boost your idea management through creative content. Hence, this section will assist you in finding the best candidates for a professional copywriting job.

Write The Education Requirements

The best professional copywriting job descriptions also include education requirements. In today’s highly competitive markets, education is a key factor in narrowing down candidates to call for interviews. Most employers hiring for this position want workers who have their Bachelor’s degrees in the least. Certain companies hiring for senior-level copywriting positions also require their employees to have their Master’s degrees. Ask the company you are working for about their preferences. Then, include the education requirements that they desire in your job description. In doing so, you will encourage only those with the necessary education to apply for the professional copywriting position.

Outline The Opportunity

Finally, outline the opportunity being offered in the professional copywriting job description. The best candidates will only apply for positions that offer them quality benefits. Therefore, you need to highlight what employees who take up this job will receive in order to convince the top candidates to apply. Consider writing in the skills that they will gain and your competitive salary. Only then will you find the top talent and be able to hire them to. With that being said, outlining the opportunities available in a professional copywriting job description is highly advantageous.

Since multiple industries need copywriters to boost their sales, HR professionals need to learn how to create the most convincing job descriptions. To begin, state the responsibilities the hired employee will need to complete within an average work day. Then, list the necessary skills that a job seeker needs to have in order to be considered for the position. When hiring managers include sample project descriptions, they avoid receiving applications from unqualified individuals. They also achieve this by writing the education requirements as well. Outline the opportunities available to encourage qualified job seekers to submit applications. Include these elements in your professional copywriting job descriptions to attract top talent.

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